Saturday, March 10, 2018

Nashville delights no drinking involved...

Nashville was all about food, drink and music.  I overindulged and told my trainer at my way in this week.  She chuckled and told me that my session would reflect the fact that I chose to cheat instead of clean living.  I survived.  Barely.  I think my abs will hurt for days.
There was more to Nashville for us, too.  We did manage to check out the Parthenon.

She's a beauty, right?  It was pretty excellent and worth the $6 to enter.  We read some of the history of the building and the city.  Also, it was nice to get a feel of Nashville through a different medium than the food and drink factor.  And I do love Athena and greek mythology in general.  What a warrior goddess!

I asked Shari if she wanted to take a walk around the pond that is in front of the Parthenon.  Centennial Park.  It was a gorgeous day and I felt thankful that we could take the time to reflect on our trip.  From here, we returned downtown to check out famous watering holes.  I don't want to rehash more of the bar scene.  I can do that at a later date.  No, I want to focus on the reflexology treatment we received the previous day.  I have found that I enjoy exploring the spa scene in cities.  When we were in L.A., I found a Russian Spa with Shari.  I was so excited to check out the banya sauna amongst others.  They had a Turkish sauna, multiple dry saunas, a steam sauna.  Truly, one of the best maintained saunas I have experienced.  The massage that I received was one of the worst, however.  So, I will not note the name of the establishment. 
I found a great spa in Chicago with Maghan.  It was his first time to a Russian spa and so I insisted that he try the banya treatment.  He enjoyed it but the cold plunge was a bit much for him.  Red Door, Wicker Park, is awesome.  In Las Vegas, Jenn and I experienced a Korean Spa off strip that was delightful.  I loved how user friendly Imperial Spa was and hope to return next time I am in Sin City. So, in Nashville, I hoped to find a spa that would accommodate our needs.  A banya or a body scrub.  However, that has not caught on there that I could find.  Most spas were day spas and too clean in my opinion.  Finally, I extended my search to include reflexology and found the ideal spot.  Bucca Reflexology.  I called to make an appointment and the lady kindly set it up for me.  Three sixty minute treatments which included 40 minutes of feet with ten minutes focused on the neck/face and other ten minutes of chair massage.  It was amazing!  I cannot say enough about it.  The reflexology was perfect.  I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis the last ten months and sometimes, the foot treatment can be too intense.  I think we all melted into the chair and then had to be reawakened to move to the continuation of treatment.  I think Sara Jo was shocked at how relaxed she could be.  I told my airbnb hostess about it.  I insisted that she check out Bucca and add it to her lists of things to do in the city.  She was kind enough to compile a thorough list of restaurants, consignment shops and bars.  It was amazing!
One other thought about Nashville.  We had some of the kindest uber and lyft drivers.  All had something to say about things to do or why they had moved there.  Our guy that picked us up from Bucca was interesting.  I got in the car and was a little judgmental based on appearance.  He seemed too clean/conservative.  I told him that I lived in Denver and he mentioned doing a century ride here. So, I tell him that ironically, my brother in law was in Colombia currently, checking out cycling in Medellin. The guy tells me he was in Colombia in 1975. I thought--wow, this guy was in the country when Escobar was running it.  He became more and more interesting to me after that comment.  It was funny!  He told me he had traveled all over the country, hitch hiking and staying in cheap motels with his brother.  Oh, the good ole days.  I had a great time in Nashville and meeting some of the people.
If you have a chance, do yourself a favor and book an appointment at Bucca.  It's reasonable and amazing!

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