Wednesday, March 28, 2018

upcoming travel

Still dreaming of being on a beach somewhere.  And, then bought tickets to Minneapolis.  Seems a little upside down.  I have spent some time there years ago.  I figure it is best to go in the spring and summer and perhaps enjoy a lake.  I had a college friend who lived in Maple Grove for 8 years, I think.  I visited her a few times during that time period.
At any rate, I have been further contemplating travel and trips.  It is essential for me to have a travel goal.  It keeps me focused and grounded.  I prefer having something to work towards to keep me inspired.  Well, that and talking about restaurants and food.  These two people came in last night and asked me where I like to dine in Denver.  I named a few spots and then expanded my search.  Their response--you like to talk about food!
Yes, in fact, I do.  I love seeing what is out there.  Fusion, ethnic, traditional, wine driven, pub grub and of course, seafood.  I inhaled fish while in Puerto Rico and it was fantastic.  That is the one thing that is challenging about living in Colorado.  Lovely that it is, it's still landlocked.  There is something enticing about walking on the beach and feeling the ocean breeze.  It's so peaceful and calming.  I was able to do a beachside walk one night and release some ashes.  That was an incredible moment for me.  I loved spending time with Steve, Anne, Tiffany and Dan.  Yet, it is nice to take time to reflect and rejuvenate on one's own.  Plus, I believe, that Anne and Steve did want some time to themselves.
I have other friends that are in Vietnam again.  I am jealous!  It is fantastic that Jackie and Brian chose to return to that country to explore more of it.  I had given them my referrals from my venture and know that they met up with two of my contacts.  However, this time, I think they are checking out more of the north and then to Cambodia.  I think if I could return to another country, I would choose South Africa or Vietnam.  Both are exotic, culturally diverse and with fantastic food.  I did enjoy the wine in South Africa.  Vietnam was more beer driven.  But the food was spectacular!  Oh, and the opportunity to receive body work, daily, also was intoxicating.  I love reflexology and massages.  It was wonderful!
I will be meeting up with my friend, Jennifer, too.  Recently, she began her adventure on the Appalachian Trail.  I will traveling to D.C. in June to see her and maybe get her some supplies.  It is such a feat to take on this challenge.  She has always been driven by impossible tasks and I know she will be triumphant.
I am hoping to brainstorm some yoga clients, too.  I am ready to be teaching more and focusing on my health.  I met with Shari in Nashville in November.  Each year we choose something to focus on to improve our year.  This year, we chose adding.  We can add to the beauty in our lives through evolution, growth and continuing to learn.  At least, that is what it meant for me. I want to add to my base of what is my life.  Part of that is body maintenance.  Tomorrow, I will treat myself to a Thai massage and then Friday, meet with my trainer.  I might even attempt a few back to back yoga sessions in the next few days.  It is important to focus on health and maintenance.  Oh, and water is life.  I definitely understand that!  So that is my way of adding specifically.  However there are other ways, too.  Adding reading, travel, wine knowledge, friends.  Positivity and saying yes to life.  I am brainstorming right now as I am excited about adding to my life.
Please enjoy your evening!  Cheers!

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