Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the medium

I have been embarking on a spiritual path these past few months.
When I was in Melbourne, I decided to have a tarot card reading. I felt ready and was curious. I had been reading books dealing with the afterlife, questioning faith and in general wanted to have it done. The woman was on course about many things in my life--I have questioned faith, how could I not after what happened to Brian? I do feel a transition in my life as I feel more comfortable with myself and decisions.
So, naturally, when I returned to the States, I felt confident in choosing a medium. I felt it was the next step on this quest of my life.
I chose Steve Godfrey, a man based out of Phoenix based on a recommendation of one of my acupuncturists. I set up the the appointment for May 27th. I meditated and was super nervous about communicating with Brian. I had called Shari, my sisters, my aunt and Jan. I was prepared and then when I called I got the message that there had been an emergency medical problem and that I should call and reschedule my appointment.
Disappointed, I left a message, e-mailed and then did a follow-up call about 10 days later. I was determined to have a reading. He called me last week and inquired about when I would be able to have a reading. We agreed to last night and it was fantastic! I am overwhelmed, still, but feel wonderful. I was able to feel at peace with Brian and with the universe. I would recommend this to anyone that is interested. He discussed Brian and my past lives which was interesting. I feel better.
Today, I am still living the high and will continue for awhile...

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