Wednesday, June 18, 2008

losing my phone, again...

I went to the baseball game last night with Jimmy, Melissa, Jeff, Alexa, Paul, Briselda, Suzanna and Erik. It was a lot of fun and we ate little prior to the game. I had a great time with everyone and we settled into the Falling Rock afterwards.
I was interested in food and so I convinced Jimmy to take a cab to the Bull with me and purchase a bottle of wine and perhaps grab some take-out. We arrived at the Bull and I knew immediately that I had lost my phone. I felt like an idiot since this just happened. Thankfully, I left it in the cab which I found out this morning. Jimmy offered to pay the guy $20 to return my phone. We called yellow and metro cab companies and waited to see if my phone would turn up.
This morning, I called my phone and the guy answered. He said that he would bring my phone to the Falling Rock and then he said--AND YOU ARE GIVING ME $20, RIGHT? I don't have a problem rewarding someone for a good deed, but this guy wasn't about to return my phone without a payment. What does this say about good samaritans? What happened to them and why are we so jaded in this society?
It is taken care of. I hope to have my phone back this evening. We will see...


Jadey said...

Honestly Harm,
I'd tell the guy to go #$%^ himself. I wouldn't give him a dime.
Love you

harmony said...

yea, but that was a week ago...i have my phone, I am lightened $20 and finally have a day off! I need it.