Monday, June 16, 2008

summer so far...

This year has been spectacular. I mean, I spent a full year in the sun and returned to Denver amidst a cooler climate. I haven't felt overheated at night which in my mind is awesome. I love being able to sleep with the windows open and maybe a fan or two.
Last year, at my old place, my roommate, Sarajo, and I both tried to hold out on turning on the a/c. One night, we both returned from drinking and having dinner and she said--I cannot stand this heat and so in theory, she caved first. I felt superior!
Work has been good and I am enjoying the randomness of my shifts. I worked on Saturday night and although it was slow, they let me play my ipod which I love. We convinced Erik to buy us cookies and my night was set.
My new space is brilliant. I have cable. I have a bed and I love the location. Absolutely, I love it. I cannot wait to have everything in order and my house warming party. I am in the process of getting everything arranged--beer, wine, glasses. I am stoked.
Facebook is an interesting venue. I have been reconnecting with friends from high school and travel mates. I see that some of my friends are teachers and some of their contacts are their students. I wonder where the lines of inappropriateness lie. I mean, really, I remember having a crush on my teachers. It is normal, but with facebook and myspace, you are able to contact your teacher outside of class. Does this feel wrong to anyone else?

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