Sunday, June 1, 2008

latest problems

I worked this morning and it was great. I was off of my game. I broke my first wine glass on my foot. Next, one exploded in the washing machine. I followed it up with a wine glass in the ice...that sucked. I suppose it was a sign of what was to come. I broke the 4th glass and decided to let it go. I blame it on the antibiotics. I have been unable to fully enjoy food or alcohol the last week. I am trying to be good!
I worked this evening. Sunday nights at the Bull are interesting. The afternoon drunks clear out and are replaced by the elderly. For years, people have been entertained by 3 bands that rotate appearances at the Bull. Most younger folk leave, take a nap and return at 9:30 pm to bypass this form of entertainment. There was a rugby tournament in Glendale and after the game, the Bull was overwhelmed by the players and their fans. It was pure chaos! Of course, there was no where for the crowd to go outside of the outdoor patio and the indoor patio area. They descended on us and wanted drinks, food and fast! I couldn't believe my bad luck of picking up this shift.
Eventually, I calmed down and was able to control my section. A few of the other servers got taken by these players and their behavior. One of the players walked on a $35 tab.
I was fortunate. My section wasn't that bad once they settled in.
Other areas of concern--Chichi went to the new place to find that the tenant hadn't moved out yet. She went over at 1 pm...he was supposed to be out at noon. Apparently our landlord, who is conveniently in Mexico, had agreed to let the previous tenants out at midnight. This was news to us and now, I have a feeling that we will be spending the first few days cleaning the shit that was left behind.
I know that it will work out and I still love the space, but I am disappointed in the landlord. He should have been upfront about what was going on. Did I mention that Chichi had 3 carloads of stuff with her at the time?
I work tomorrow and am hoping to check out the space and do a walkthrough.

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