Monday, June 9, 2008

days off--what to do?

I was supposed to go to a bbq yesterday, but plans changed when I hadn't heard from my friends by Saturday. Instead, I convinced Jimmy that we should go to Elway's for brunch. Of course, it was fantastic. We started with the bacon wrapped shrimp and guacamole. I tried the acupulco eggs--scrambled eggs, guacamole and cheese in a tortilla smothered with green chile. I had them 86 the cheese and had a nice brunch.
We walked to the Bull for our spirits class. We arrived and there were other employees there and then we decided to have margaritas on the brewery deck. I didn't want to listen to the jazz and so we moved outside. I wasn't paying attention to Jimmy and his intake of shots and so I was surprised by his demise. We met Brie at Lola and Jimmy could barely talk. The waitress let him do a shot and I tried to feed him food/water. We dropped him off and retired to Don's mixed drinks to play the bowling game. I have only played this game twice, both times with Brie and I always need at least one game to warm up and then somehow, I am coordinated and excel at this particular game. I haven't tried golden tee or the shooting game, but I do like the bowling game.
Overall, it was a great day. I have my own space. Granted, I need to clean it and organize, but it is mine. I walked everywhere yesterday and I am in the process of getting my bike from Tiffany's to bike everywhere. I know that there is a lot to organize and feel positive about. I am settling into life here and making it what I want. I feel great!


Shari said...

I am at work and trying to look busy. Our phones aren't working and it's very quiet around here.

I still have an open wound and nurse Tom has to pack it twice a day. I go back on Thursday and really hope that I can let it start to heal.

I can't wait to see your new pad although I am not sure when that will be. Darrel and Anita will be in Wisconsin over the 4th of July and we hope to spend some time with them. My dad hopes to also be in Minnesota around the 4th as long as he is feeling better. He is now home and much happier.

Enjoy the freedom of your new space and we will see you soon.

Love, Shari

harmony said...

thanks, Shari.
I wanted to make sure that you were doing better. My open wound is healing and I feel much better.
I need to organize, badly. I will let you know when it is ready for visitors.
Have fun at work and we'll talk soon.