Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Chef--a rip off

I used to love Top Chef. I remember watching the first season at the Falling Rock with Fosh, Mikey and Steve. It was exciting, interesting and challenging. The second season, I wanted to love but I never identified with the chefs. By the 3rd season, I realized that they had truly made it into a reality show, focusing on the drama as opposed to the chefs.
I still honored their decision to go with Hung.
This season I sat back and wanted it to be awesome. I never fully felt the explosion of season 4. After I watched it unfold...Dale being asked off, Andrew, Spike, Antonia...I felt cheated. I didn't fully feel cheated as a woman until they announced Stephany as the winner. I listened to the critiques and felt that Richard should have prevailed. Had Lisa won, I would have felt slighted, but they went with Stephany. So, what does that say about me, my potential palette and my lack of regard for women?
I understand editing and reality shows, but I still hold the idealism for this show since it holds true for my life. I was fortunate to have an amazing man in my life who enjoyed the kitchen. He was awesome and he loved it.
Top Chef completely sold out in my book. I am disappointed in Tom Colicchio...

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