Wednesday, June 4, 2008

western medicine and why I don't go to the doctor, part 2

I was good. I followed the antibiotics, didn't drink alcohol, much coffee or even much dairy. I was good, again.
I mentioned how the doctors wanted to prescribe pain medication from the get go and how I declined it. I am not pill friendly and I do not want to become reliant on anything. Nevertheless, I went to the health clinic yesterday and was given a clean bill of health. They showed me how to clean it and keep it covered and sent me on my way after telling me that I really should get a tetanus shot. I decide to do it and take off.
I convinced Jimmy to help me move and recruited this guy, Tom, to help me with the bigger stuff...table, chairs, artwork and vacuum cleaner. I showered the grime away and headed downtown to celebrate the anniversary party at the Falling Rock. I wanted to see Pocketsize and I was ready to have a chimay. I had been given a clean bill of health and wanted to celebrate that as well. I took two sips of beer and my equilibrium dipped. I grabbed a water and drank two 16 oz glasses and avoided the beer. I couldn't figure out what was going on with me. I had no side effects during the week of antibiotic use and so I had no idea why I was reacting that way. I ate a chicken salad and then got the chills. At this point, I took a cab back to my car and ran to Safeway to purchase soda, saltines and tylenol. I called my sister and she told me to go to the doctor immediately if my fever spiked.
I decided to put cold towels on my head and stomach to bring the fever down. I looked like a muslim when Jimmy arrived. It was awful, but I never felt nauseous. It confirmed for me, again, why I do not like western medicine. I called the health clinic today and they felt that the tetanus shot had an adverse effect on me. I will stick to acupuncture from here on out...I guess I am the spiderwoman!

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