Thursday, June 12, 2008

Evening off...

I think I drank too much red wine last night. Thank God my rant about Top Chef made some sense. I still stand behind it. The show has changed.
Work was lame this morning. I am glad that it wasn't too busy since I was a flake. I was having a difficult time focusing on the task at hand. I have so much to do, but no motivation. I have an evening off and could put together my room, clean the house or go to dinner. I would love to go to dinner. I don't know who I could go with. Jimmy is working. Fosh is working and Alan (GQ) has a girlfriend. I will eventually figure it out.
I oould find a gift for Pocketsize and Steve. I wanted to surprise them with dessert wine from SOuth Africa, but apparently they do not ship the dessert wine to the States. I am frustrated and now confused as to what would be the ideal gift for them.
Either way--finding a gift, dinner or cleanig the house-I will have fun...


Jadey said...

I had fun catching up on your blog. The last couple nights at work have been absolute hell, and tonight has been great! Anyways just wanted you to know that I'm still around.

harmony said...

Work always sucks for me, too. Tonight I am working, but I swear, it is like Aurora Central on Mondays at the Bull. Translation--everyone is cheap!
Have a great night