Monday, December 29, 2008

returning to Denver

Las Vegas was awesome.
I was surprised by all of the people that were out there celebrating Christmas. The slot machines never slowed, but I didn't think the restaurants were overwhelmed by people. For example, we walked into Olives at 12:30 on christmas day with 6 people and no problem getting a table. It was similar at Bouchon that evening. I did make reservations for that meal, but the restaurant wasn't full by any means.
I returned to Denver to find great weather. I feel so spoiled and I love it. I know that it cannot continue forever, but I love 55-60 degree weather at the end of December. I feel like I am on an extended vacation of summer.
I moved into my new room. It now feels like home to me. I found this place and Leslie took the larger room since she worked from our house. I agreed to it, but always wanted the larger room with more space and a loft area. I moved, with Jimmy's help, but tried to be self-sufficient and broke my cable wire. My tv works, but it will continue to be fuzzy/staticy or not work, I think. If only I had waited.
My life continues to transition and present opportunities for growth and learning. Today I learned that I should be patient with people and not try to do everything myself. What will I learn tomorrow?

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