Wednesday, December 10, 2008

California Dreaming

I am flipping channels--I know, terrible decision since it is beautiful outside--but, it is 8 am and so I will let it slide.
Real Housewives of Orange County is on. It is a terrible show. They are in Napa Valley and so I am intrigued. They go to Grgich Hills, St. Supery and eat at Etoile.
I went to Etoile, two years ago with my sister, Michaela, Sara Jo, Pocketsize and Castello. It is in Chandon where we did a tour of the building. Pocketsize is a huge fan of champagne and the tour was interesting. We were considered VIP and so we sat in Etoile and had another tasting. They showed us the menu, which looked great. I haven't eaten there, but I would.
On the show, there are two couples that are deciding which menu to choose--a normal tasting menu or a chef's tasting, where the chef chooses each course, randomly. These high class people are having difficulty figuring out how to order since the entire table is recommended to choose the same menu to make it consistent for everyone. It was comical and then ridiculous. They didn't know half of what they were eating and most of the time, the ladies refused to eat what was on the plate since they didn't like it or know what it was. It was awful and a terrible waste of great food.
Now, I want to go to Napa. I love wine tasting and of course, the food factor. I have been fortunate in the last few years, to venture out there often and I have not had a bad meal, yet.
I guess the lesson is to quit watching this terrible show and make a reservation to California!

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