Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The beginning of christmas

Happy Holidays.
I cannot believe that it is December or that christmas is virtually around the corner. What happened to the sun? I miss my year of summer and am not at all looking forward to snow. I am happy, today, that it isn't snowing yet.
With everyone going on--stock market, recession, holiays--maybe it is time to focus on what truly is the essence of christmas. I want to give the perfect gift for each person.
Perhaps this year, we should focus on the importance of being able to give a gift to others and not so determined for it to be the best one. I worry about my family and them thinking they have to get me anything. They don't. I know that they would like to, and that they love me, but times are hard and the gift itself is the knowledge that they want to get me the right gift.
Jade returned to the hospital on Friday to have them go back into the incision. She wasn't healing properly and the bleeding continued. She returned home yesterday, but there are still concerns. My sister is stubborn. Each time she has been pregnant they have encountered a new hardship. This time it was the recovery of the incision.
I admire her determination in having children and know that she will be okay. I understand that it is scary and again, for all of us, this is the 3rd time of worrying about what will go wrong with Jade's pregnancy/delivery.
I believe that she will be well and Michaela has been there, too, to support them and the kids. I wish that I were there as well, but know they are in capable hands with Michaela.
Enjoy this December, share with your loved ones and enjoy yourselves...

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