Tuesday, February 3, 2009

space issues

I went to yoga yesterday. I arrived early so that I could choose my own space. I like being on the sides so that I won't become stuck between two people. I have noticed that since it is the beginning of the year, there is an increase in yoga students. As a result, many times, I have uncomfortable by the lack of space in class.
Yesterday, like I said, I arrived early. There were probably 6 people in the class. This girl, puts her mat almost on mine. I kinda laugh, thinking--really, you have to set up right here. She looks at me and continues to settle. I think about it and realize how it is going to drive me crazy to have her next to me the entire class. So, I moved.
I have thought about doing that several times. I didn't feel bad about what I did. I just wonder why you would feel it is okay to encroach on someone else's space. Yoga, to me, is about the spiritual aspect in addition to the mental. I abhor when people invade my space.

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