Thursday, February 19, 2009

yoga in the am

I have been going to yoga frequently since I signed up for an auto renew membership. I had resisted for over a year due to stubborness. Then, I realized that I was somewhat stagnant in my practice. Dropping into a class is $17 for an advanced class whereas the level one classese are $8. But, if you settle for the $8 class, you have two options daily, but some of the teachers lack. I became bored and would mentally check out of the class about 10 minutes in. Yoga became monotonous.
Last month (new year, on the wagon--Harmony) decided to give the membership a try. I enjoy it and can go almost anytime during the day. I have went to several 6 am classes and a few 8:30 pm classes. I think I prefer the early morning classes. It is an excellent way to begin the day and it keeps me in line. I do not enjoy going to yoga if I am hungover. It is an awful feeling.
Life is great and I have much to be thankful for, inspite of the cabbie confessions and dinner at Elway's. Although, at yoga, there is always the chance that some person (moron) will get too close to me. I despise being crowded. It freaks me out and I have moved a few times to get away from certain people and their bad energy.
So, enjoy the sunshine and your day. Denver is beautiful today. I am heading to coffee.

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