Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cabin Fever

The weather is ridiculous. It is 8 degrees. How can I function in this weather? I am not handling it well. I am determined to stay inside. I have limited movies, books that I have read, hulu.com which is a fantastic way to waste time and I do have food. I stocked up, somewhat, since I have a house guest for an undetermined amount of time.
I don't have coffee, though.
I will be venturing out to rectify that issue. I need it. I want it and I like to be able to appear to be a gracious hostess.
I called my landlord to let him know about my situation. I wanted him to know that I would have a temporary guest and approve of additional keys being made. I tried to do it on my own, yesterday, without success. He has the Do Not Duplicate keys and I wasn't crafty enough to persuade the guy at Ace Hardware to overlook the techinicality. He suggested having the landlord authorize the keys being made with a letter on a letterhead from his building.
I called Dustin. He told me that it would cost $45 to have additional keys made. I was shocked and tried to suggest the other route--letterhead, but he insisted that this was the only option. He had tried to do it in the past, but told me that a locksmith was the only way to have keys made. I agreed to it since I want to feel safe in my space and I want my friend to be able to come and go as she pleases. I do not want her locked out.
I figure I did the right thing. I notified Dustin of the temporary situation and was processing how to justify the cost of the keys. Safety/security trumps feeling insecure due to not locking one of the doors to ensure entry for her.
Dustin stopped by with my lease and said--you are in luck....I found a few copies of the keys that you are responsible for if you lose them. AWESOME. And this validates doing the right thing. I am certain that the Slumlord would have found some way to make sure that I paid for keys, the door, the extra person in his house. Basically, somehow he would be compensated. Funny, I still haven't heard from him regarding my deposit. He will forever be the SLUMLORD in my book.
Although, I have severe cabin fever and mass boredom, I am accomplishing some tasks. I know that I will venture out for coffee and maybe library books. I need something to read. This hulu connection is lovely, but mindless. I need to be challenged not brain dead.
I will comment on my experience at Pachamama's later. I checked out another place in Lawrence, too, Angler's, which was fantastic and a rare find.


Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

8 degrees??? I do not know how you guys do it up there... Although we got a teeny tiny bit of snow last Friday, yesterday was back to 70 degrees. I guess I'm just a warm weather girl! Stay warm and be safe! ;)

harmony said...

Yes, and at another point 3 degrees. I try not to think about it. I am definitely over winter!
Today was 24 and ideal for an afternoon run. Please spring, come fast....
I heard that it snowed in Texas. Be well--