Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Vegas

Another successful holiday in Las Vegas--I love it!
I arrived on Friday afternoon and made my way to the Bellagio. I was uncertain if they would let me check in at noon, so I was prepared to check my bag and go to Olives. I had forgotten that Las Vegas is all about accomodating the needs of guest, ensuring the quality of the stay. I was grateful to be able to check in to my room.
I stopped in Olives, hoping to see my bartending friend, Joe. I had met him on previous trips out to Las Vegas. I always dine at Olives.
Joe wasn't working, but I befriended the other bartenders. The bar was packed, and I found myself sitting by a single lady. I started talking to her, suggesting restaurants to check out and listening to her story of xmas in Vegas. She was out for five days and more interested in the gambling aspect than me. She had arranged for a full spa day, too. I wish I had taken that route. Nevertheless, we had a pleasant conversation. I wished her luck and was on with my day.
Casey arrived after a treacherous ride to the airport in Kansas City. There was that ridiculous snow storm that had covered the midwest. He had a time getting out of Lawrence and thankfully, most of the flights were delayed. He was able to make it to Las Vegas.
My friends, Carrie and Adrian, live in Las Vegas. I wanted to see them and so we met at Olives, again, for drinks on christmas day. The bartender, Ernie, remembered my first visit and we were rewarded with strong cocktails. I love seeing Carrie since she is always entertaining. She never disappoints. We reminisce about our youth in Phoenix and other trips to Las Vegas. Carrie has been there since 2001. She met Brian, a few times, and some of my other friends too. Carrie is good people.
We had dinner reservations at Bouchon. Because of this, we cut our time with Carrie and Adrian short. We walked to the Venetian and made our way to Bouchon.
Paul, my sommelier friend, greeted us with champagne. We chose the trout, pomme frites and brussel sprouts. Paul suggested a rose' to accompany the main course. The standout, for me, was the brussel sprouts. I loved them. I was sad that it was only a side dish--they were that good. The trout was nice, but I have had better entrees at Bouchon. I enjoyed the fish, but it was topped with cauliflower and diced potatoes. I couldn't understand why the potatoes were part of the dish. They were blah. Of course, fries with dijon are always tasty.
Afterwards, Paul approached us with the dessert menu. Since I have been on a carrot cake kick *for the last year*, I was disappointed that they didn't offer it. Paul, the accomodating sommelier, went to another place in the Venetian and brought me carrot cake. I had a snifter of Ron Zabaco Rum, with coffee and concluded the evening.
Yes, Christmas was successful. Bouchon always rewards. I will write more later. I know that I have been a slacker the last few days. I have been busy with work and tending to the holidays. I hope yours were plentiful and great!


Unknown said...

Seriously that is a fab Christmas if I ever heard! Cheers girl! So glad Mr. Kansas was able to make it too! ;)

scarlethue said...

I wish I had gotten a chance to try Bouchon. Next time!

Ever been to Miami? I'm going, with work again, in mid-January. I probably won't have any more control over this trip than Vegas though unfortunately.

harmony said...

Definitely next time--check out Bouchon. You won't be disappointed.
Yes, I have been to Miami, but it's been years. I did enjoy my time there. I look forward to hearing about your trip, Scarlet.
Morgan--have a blast in TN. Drive safe and enjoy the BEP's.