Thursday, December 17, 2009

Caveau Wine Bar....

I have been wanting to check out Caveau for some time.
Everytime that I would suggest it, someone would remember how much I love Elway's or Lala's--due to the convenience factor. In all honesty, I "heart" Elway's and tolerate Lala's. The service, there, is consistently poor and the wine list lacks. It does not suit the calibre of a true wine bar.
That being said, last night, I went to Caveau, with my friend Jenny. Jenny and I met when we were 10 years old. Fast friends. I believe I spent 3 solid months at her house when they moved to the neighborhood. My mom kept warning me that I would wear out my welcome. For whatever reason, Jenny kept inviting me back.
My parents divorced and we moved to the north side of town with my mom. My friendship with Jenny, changed, as is normal. We lived far apart and our interests changed as we entered high school. I worked, all of the time; and, she was able to enjoy the high school experience, more than I did. We continued to be friends, but not in the same-stay-at-my-house-for-three-months-type of friendship.
We went to different colleges.
I moved to Denver. She did, too.
For the last 8 years, we attempt to meet up, more than once a year. We haven't been too successful with it. We try. We do. But, our lives are busy. Jenny works a lot, is married and travels with her job. I travel as often as possible and my schedule changes each week.
Last night, she agreed to meet me at Caveau. I chose the place and asked her to meet me at 5:30. I had made plans to run with the Goddess and since I hadn't heard from Jenny, I pushed my run time, back to 4:30. Of course, Jenny e-mailed that she could meet me at 5:30. I responded that 6ish would be preferable and rushed to make it work.
I had forgotten that Jenny is perpetually late. I arrived at 6, entered the packed bar and looked lost. I know that I did. There were no bar seats available and the restaurant was full. A girl approached me and offered to help me out. She suggested standing at the bar, until one of two tables left. She saw my jacket and commented on how great the Bull & Bush was. I mentioned that I worked there and we were immediate friends. Dana saw to my needs, from that point on.
I was impressed with the wine list. They offer 1/2 price glasses of wine, daily, from 4-7 pm. Any glass under $12, is $5 during that time. I understood why it was packed with people. Again, the wine list was user friendly and they offered pizza, bruschetta, meatballs and a cheese plate. We sampled the bruschetta and meatballs.
Dana was not our server, unfortunately. Our server was slammed and so the service was a little slow, but they were kind and it was obvious that she was busy, not lazy. When you order a glass of wine, they bring you the bottle and pour a sample of the wine so that you determine, if yes, you enjoy it. I like the concept, but it is time consuming during happy hour. It definitely slowed them down.
Jenny and her husband, Josh, met me, which was great. I enjoy them, as a couple, and I wasn't upset that she included him. I do have friends, that are couples, who make out the entire time I meet with them. That is not enjoyable or fun to encounter or endure. Or, I find that I censor my conversation with couples. There are exceptions--Steve and Sarah--and now, Jenny and Josh.
If you have time, check out Caveau. It is located at 17th and Pennsylvania. Parking is decent and again, the wine list is varied. It isn't the standard b.s. list that people are familiar with. I think if you advertise that you are a wine bar, than have a wine list that is user friendly and unique.
Jenny and I arranged to meet in February. I made sure she put it in her phone and we even decided on a place. There is no stopping us now!

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