Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Faith in Top Chef restored....

I loved Top Chef.
It was the ultimate cooking show--creative, competitive and new. The first season was about the food, not the drama, of most reality shows. I enjoyed watching the quick fires and elimination challenges. Of course, there was some drama--Steven, Tiffany and Dave all provided it. For example, the famous--I'm not your bitch, Bitch--sequence between Dave and Tiffany. Or, Steven's rant on Kandance about her lack of skill in the kitchen. Harold remained calm and was announced the first Top Chef.
I continued to watch Top Chef and with each season, the focus shifted to the contestants b.s. and less on the cooking. The challenges seemed uninspired. I was bored, but wanted it to be captivating. I remained loyal to the show.
I lost my faith in it when Stefanie won Season 4. It seemed like a complete cop-out, to me. Like, the show felt it needed a female Top Chef. Stefanie has skills, but I didn't believe she honestly beat Richard--the steadfast "Harold" type of Chef from Season 4.
Then, I traveled. I returned to the States and no longer had cable. I rely on hulu.com to catch up on my shows. Hulu and Bravo do not have a symbiotic relationship, it seems. I saw a few episodes from last season, when Hosea won. This too, seemed, unlikely, since he whined the entire season and did not seem that great. I know he is from Colorado and should be thrilled that he won. I felt it was an afterthought, though.
This season, I saw two episodes, on-line. I wanted to view more since the season seemed more interesting than the previous three. I felt the show had returned to its humble beginnings in the cooking genre. I was perusing episodes, offered by hulu.com this morning, and saw that they had the finale, on-line. I began watching it and knew that the three remaining chefs deserved to be there. I was happy when they announced the winner. Michael deserves to be Top Chef. My faith in the show, is restored, for now. I wonder how they will continue to challenge contestants or interest viewers. Will there be a Season 7? Hopefully, Hulu will have the episodes, available.
If not, I will figure out a way to view the show...

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