Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mundane randomness and thanksgiving recap--finally

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....it's cold.
Wow, what a difference an hour makes.
At 3 pm, I went for an afternoon run. I had to delay my plans since I was waiting for my landlord to stop by so that I could pay him for December rent. He can be somewhat flaky and so I wanted to be close to my place. I didn't want to have to arrange another meeting. And, I mean, flaky in the sense that his time can be off...not that he completely blows me off or anything. Just that he loses track of time, sometimes. It has worked in my favor and I am not complaining by any means. He is a complete improvement over the Slumlord. He maintains the property, shovels the sidewalks and appears to take my concerns seriously.
For instance, this afternoon, I mentioned that my downstairs neighbor was fighting with his girlfriend. 20 minutes later, it ceased. Dustin is a great landlord in my book.
Anyways, I went for a light run. I contemplated going longer or faster. Than, I convinced myself that it was okay that I was only going for a bit. I mean, anything is better than nothing, right? Or, that was my reasoning this afternoon.
I opted to walk to Cherry Creek for stamps and coffee. Somehow I lost my stamps and I needed them for the upcoming holidays. Plus, I had written two cards this afternoon and wanted to send them off.
I showered and departed. It was FREEZING. Ridiculously cold. The sun was still out, but the weather had turned. Where did the heat go? Wow, my walk back from the Safeway was bittersweet. I talked to Jade on the walk back and froze. I couldn't believe how cold it had gotten. And, no, I didn't make it to Cherry Creek--thank goodness. I might have called a cab for that walk back.
Now, I am home, warm and safe inside. I took a brief break from blogging. My holiday was fantastic. I had a lovely Thanksgiving with Bryn and her family. I have spent several thanksgivings with them. I am grateful to have them in my life for their making me feel like one of the family. Her dad makes the best oyster stuffing and typically, we have lunch followed by coffee and pie. I always feel peaceful after spending time with them.
I met Morgan on Friday morning. I follow Morgan's blog--Caution Redhead Running, and since she was in town for the holidays we met for coffee. We had considered a run, but I was a chicken. My minor tendon injury allowed me to suggest coffee and not join her for the 10 mile run. It was great to meet her in person and we had a wonderful conversation. I felt fortunate that she made time for me while visiting her family. I hope to head to Florida in 2010 for fun and possibly a run--who knows? Travel is always welcome in my world.
On Saturday morning, I met up with Steve and Alecia from Kansas. They are creating new traditions for themselves and decided to go to the Broncos Game for Thanksgiving. They had a blast and we were planning on meeting up for drinks on Friday, but an allergy attack from her and my cold prevented it. Instead, we had breakfast at Lucille's. Food is friendly, you know? I mean, if you are unable to meet for drinks, at least, find a suitable restaurant to share a meal. Lucille's has awesome breakfast and great bloody mary's. Yes, I know this from experience.
I think I took a break to reflect on life. I am still reflecting, but I missed blogging. I want to continue running, travel and take a class. I have a friend that took cake decorating classes. My aunt is quilting and learning how to crochet and I feel an itch to learn something new. I haven't figured out what, but it's there.
Have a great night....

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Unknown said...

It was so great meeting you! Next time I come... or when you head south... which ever comes first, we are def going to get in a run! :)