Sunday, December 6, 2009

I am defeated.....

Typically, I am a freak...when it comes to nature that is. I wear shorts yearround. I prefer it.
I get hot. I have mentioned it before. I know that I brought up performance art, lack of pants and what not. That is, until I went to Kansas.
It's not like I haven't experienced a winter in Kansas. I have. I did it for my entire childhood, adolescence and college. Funny how easily it was forgotten.
I visited last week.
I checked the Weather Channel-35-40 degrees all week. I figured it was similar to being in Denver. I forgot one thing...the wind.
The wind won.
I had no defense. I was defeated.
We walked to campus from Casey's house. It is about a mile and a half...maybe a little more. I had a bus pass when I was in school, but I rarely used it. I preferred walking then and I tried to continue with that decision.
The sun was shining. I was wearhing my standard outfit--shorts, polo and my Bull and Bush Dickey's jacket. Casey thought I was crazy and he asked me where my jeans were. I explained that I would be fine. The weather was similar to Denver and I had just walked in 35 degree weather with no problems.
We departed and started the walk towards KU.
I attempted to speed walk. He stopped me. He wasn't strolling, like Chileans, but due to the weather, I would have liked to have walked a faster pace.
Nevertheless, the initial part of our walk was pleasant.
We approached the Union and I was beginning to get uncomfortable. I was cold, but not ready to admit it. I purchased a few items in the bookstore and we opted to walk downtown for lunch. I had wanted to eat at Yellow Sub. When I was a student, there was a Yellow Sub, next to Union. I remember dining there and having beers at the Crossing. Funny, this time, there was empty space. Some construction, but no signs of either building.
So, we walked downtown. The five blocks of Mass. St. continued to grow, as I was freezing. Our destination was Free State, but I would have readily settled for Teller's to get out of the cold. The last two blocks were brutal. I couldn't continue. I told Casey that it was no longer a question of enjoying too many beers...I wouldn't be able to walk back to his place due to the bitter cold. I lost. Kansas and its wind won. If I go back, I must have long pants to battle the cold.
Funny, how it snowed today, in Denver. I never once considered wearing jeans to work. There is something about the weather in Denver that feels normal to me. Shorts yearround and sunshine minus the biting cold. I choose Denver.


Redhead Running said...

LOL! This just makes me laugh because we had that whole conversation about shorts when I was there! :)

harmony said...

How was your weekend? You definitely left some details out.
Secret is in the vault still....yes, I froze in Kansas. Thankfully, my home is Denver and I can remain true to myself and be comfortable.