Monday, February 8, 2010


Today is a great day...not a dull Monday, or sunny--for that matter, but kind.
I feel fulfilled, hopeful even, for greater tasks/challenges to accomplish. Maybe it is the fact that I updated my ipod. I love music and need more inspiration, while working, running, living. I really am motivated by listening to music.
Currently, I am reading, Waiter Rant. Parts of it are funny--laugh out loud, even--but not everything. This guy blogs and I am sure that his blog is hilarious, but putting it in a book isn't the right medium. He seems too nice in describing customers and co-workers.
The service industry is brutal. The substance abuse, money issues, co-workers and yes, customers are full of fodder and material. My God, I could go on and on about some of the shit that I encounter on a daily basis. For example, Saturday night, the phone rang. I answered it. This guy goes--well, I have a question.
Our phones are sketchy. Numerous times, I have had to say--please repeat and speak up. It isn't me and my years of listening to music too is the phone. It is cheap and crappy.
Anyways, so the conversation continues....I have a you allow NIG---S into your bar?
I think I hear wrong.
Please speak up and repeat.
Do you allow NIG===S in your bar?
I cannot dignify a response...cannot say the offensive word and so I hand the phone to Tiffany.
Apparently, I had heard correctly. She told the guy that he wouldn't be welcome in the Bull and Bush with his feelings towards black people.
For 45 minutes after the phone call, we both were dazed by the conversation. I mean, it isn't the 1950'S in Alabama. I live in a city. I live in a liberal city, at that, and no, most people do not use that word in their vocabularly. I was offended, still am. So, yes, I could write or go, on and on, about b.s. in my restaurant. It doesn't mean I could write a book about it. I do envy the Waiter Rant, because it is a solid idea. I loved Kitchen Confidential. I am not an Anthony Bourdain fan...he is a misogynist. He wrote a great book about restaurants. He has written other books, too, but they suck. They are terrible. He has numerous shows and is a guest on Top Chef, where he is revered as a God. No, I do not share those feelings, but I truly enjoyed Kitchen Confidential. It was hilarious and eye-opening for the general public when dealing with restaurants and kitchens.
Waiter Rant hits too close to home and so I think I am biased in my opinion. I am certain that others would find it amusing. I think he was too polite in his commentary.
Enjoy your day, regardless of how you choose to spend it!!!


Unknown said...

It is so sad to think that prejudice is well and alive in some people's hearts. I often wonder what causes that kind of hatred to fill a person's being. It's tragic!

On a brighter note ... I'm so happy that you are having a good day! Hope that good feelings lasts for a long time!

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Nancy said...

It's so hard to believe that in 2010 we have people asking those kinds of questions.

I worked as a waitress in my young years and there is no doubt kitchens are very interesting places to work!

Anonymous said...