Friday, May 13, 2011

currently, in my life....

Excessive behavior...ouch!
Yesterday started out in the "right" way. I went running, made some calls, took the dogs for their mid-afternoon walk and then planned the night's meal.
Instead of walking to the nearest market, I chose to walk. Not the brightest move seeing that it was freaking ridiculously hot outside. I carried ample water and set out. I thought the market was three miles away. Nope, try 4 1/2, one way. Gatorade eased the walk back. Yea for G2 and that it was on sale.
By the time I returned, I was hot, dirty and had two blisters. I don't know how that happened since I wear these shoes on a regular basis. Yet, I am now the proud owner of two blisters on my heel.
About a 1/3 of a mile from the house, I notice two unattended dogs. These particular dogs are always out on the loose, roaming, the neighborhood. It is obnoxious that the owner is so negligent. One of the dogs is a pitbull and the other; well, I haven't gotten close enough to determkne what type of attack dog it is. Apparently, the dogs are there to protect the property of the owner. He doesn't seem to care if his dogs get out or not. He just wants to make sure that no one gets in.
My friends have two akitas and the last thing I want to encounter on our walks, are these two particular dogs. Yesterday I was plotting a way to avoid the dogs and make it back safely. I spilled water all over my purse and felt defeated. Hot, blisters, possible dog attack. I had seen better days in that moment.
I managed to elude the dog's notice and returned safely. Shower felt heavenly and my positive mood returned. Turned on music, opened wine and made a lovely dinner. Initially, my friend was hesitant about my entree selection--tortellini tossed with numerous berries, scallions, greek yogurt, garlic and mint. Perfect summer type of meal.
I think I could improve the meal by letting it sit/stew/meld flavors. Next time, I will remember. My friends liked the meal and I believe they would enjoy it at a later date.
Yes, yesterday was a great day inspite of my brief breakdown of negativity. Heat will do that to me. On my run, I had a similar experience. Started out awesome, but then, it was too hot and I wanted to stop. I didn't, but I could have went farther. Must get up earlier to enjoy a peaceful, fulfilling run. Manana.
I feel great about the present. I am happy to be exactly where I am. Happy Friday!

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