Monday, May 2, 2011

eggplant delights

Successful Sunday dinner #2.
Penne pasta with eggplant tomato puree. I think the mint was a wonderful addition to the recipe. It added a lovely hint of brightness to the dish.
I doctored the recipe by adding more garlic and tomatoes. I am a fan of eggplant, but I wanted the dish to be more colorful. Plus, garlic always makes me happy. I think I could have added more and it wouldn't have offended any of my friend's palettes.
I tossed a basic green salad with a mustard vinaigrette. Cucumbers and tomatoes added texture and it suited the meal nicely. Salads are always a welcome addition to my creations. I figure if the entree lacks, at least, we can fill up on salad and wine. Never forget the alcohol factor. Always an asset if meals are heading south. Instead of ordering a pizza, drink more wine...
Last night, we drank a bottle of Powers Cabernet. The other day we discovered this wonderful bottle of wine while enjoying happy hour at a local wine bar. The bartender suggested this wine since it was new and she had just sampled it. She mentioned the name and that it was from Columbia Valley.
Immediately, my friend realized that it was her in-laws winery. She asked to see the bottle and then called her husband to confirm it. Since then I have drank the wine on a few occasions. It was a lovely addition to our meal. I keep pushing for them to reach out to their relatives to secure a few cases of wine. That could sustain us for a few more Sunday meals.
Originally, I thought I would cut up pineapple for dessert. That idea got lost in the mix of wine and conversation. Next time, I will execute a dessert as well.
Overall, I am happy with the turnout of meal #2. Onward and upward, I say....

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