Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Productive day or that is what my horoscope predicted.
In many ways, I would agree. This is a productive day--running, appointments, yoga and meeting my friend later to celebrate her new vehicle. She used to be a toyota girl. As long as I have known her she has been a loyal customer. I met her in Tampa, three years ago, and we drove back to Phoenix in her newly purchased Forerunner. I am all for a roadtrip any day of the week. Roadtrips inspire and enable discovering interesting convenience stores and restaurants. We stopped in New Orleans which was the highlight of that particular trip. For her, not so much. She felt it was unsafe and remained uncomfortable the length of our stay. While I would have loved to drive from New Orleans to Phoenix, nonstop, been given the opportunity. Instead we spent a night in Dallas. Just is not the same charming city that New Orleans is. Too new/spread out. I prefer the established restaurants and old world charm found while exploring New Orleans. She has family there and so we spent a night in catching up with her sister and nieces. From Dallas we drove (forever it seemed) back to Phoenix. Our initial thoughts of stopping in New Mexico fell apart when her husband was unable to fly standby out of Dallas. Our first thoughts of road trip was to spend a few days as a girls' trip. When her husband could not locate a convenient flight, we chose to continue the trip back to Phoenix.
Regardless, she stepped out of her comfort zone and bought an Audi SUV. On cloud nine since she found this car. It took awhile to get all of the paperwork, in order. Not to mention they had to order this particular vehicle. Beautiful, luxurious and an upgrade from the Forerunner, for sure. I like all of the bells and whistles. I don't think that I will ever own a vehicle this nice. I will stick with Veronica. She is a great car for me.
Anyways, I know she wants to celebrate this car and so we will find a place later. Prior to that celebration, I will return to the practice of yoga. It is very welcoming to me. I feel at ease and peaceful. Calm, even, I suppose. It is helping putting things in perspective. Yes, yoga is excellent.
I went for a quick run, utilizing this cooler weather. I was thankful that I had held onto a few long sleeve tech shirts. This weather screams to be utilized and enjoyed. Glad that I opted to go even if it was brief. Long run is manana! Focus on that prospect tomorrow and hope that the weather holds.
Enjoy your day however you choose to spend it--being productive, day drinking or neither of my suggestions.

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