Monday, May 23, 2011


A friend surprised me with a gift card to a store that I frequent. Seeing that I had some free time today and a desire to update my swim suit since the latest one he refers to as "grandma" wear. I like tankini's, feel comfortable in them and normally buy them. I have a few and another suit that is worn, semi-transparent in areas, basically unuseable. Yes, a new swim suit sounded like a fine idea.
So, I found the nearest location and headed that way. I walked in and it was chaos. I asked the clerk to point me in the direction of the swim wear since they have many items to look through. As I perused the selection, a clerk approached me, handed me a bag to make it easier and offered to walk me back to the fitting rooms. All of this was good. No issues or delays.
When I walked into the fitting room area, again, I was greeted and assisted. Told that I could only bring six items into the dressing room at a time.
The first three bikini's were okay. Not that thrilled about some of the cuts of the top or bottom. The girl walked through and said, "Is there anything I can resize for you?"
I mentioned that I wanted to change out the items. We switched them out and I tried the on the new pieces. I kept waiting for the clerk, Sara, to return. She had made it a point to ask my name, give me hers and had been extremely helpful until I truly needed assistance.
I waited.
I heard her walk through and talk to other customers.
Finally, I poked my head out, made eye contact with a different clerk and asked her if she could find me a medium since I had grabbed two of the same size. She nodded and I closed the door.
Back to waiting.
Maybe only five minutes, but it felt like fifteen. I put my clothes back on and walked right into Sara.
Her words, "Oh, you are still here?"
I said, "Yes."
Her, "Oh, did you get everything you needed?"
"No," I said, "but I am unwilling to wait any longer. I am over it."
I walked out of the dressing room with a bra that I had selected and decided to walk through the swimsuit area one more time. I liked the top, but felt that I might be more comfortable in one that did not promise to add two cup sizes to my chest. Like I need that.
As I am walking through the area, a clerk approaches me with a top and says, "Aren't you the one that was looking for the top?"
I said, "Actually, it was a bottom, but I got tired of waiting."
She was surprised that I said it and looking back, I think she didn't know how to respond to my honesty. I did mention that I understood that it wasn't her fault, but I was unwilling to wait any longer. I was frustrated with the situation.
At this point, I decide to put the bra back and leave. Why am I giving them money when I am sure there are other locations that would be more than happy to assist me.
It reminded me of the scene from the movie, Pretty Woman, a little. I mean, I am not a street walker or anything like that, but perhaps out of place in this particular location and made to feel like it.
In some ways, I could have spoken up, earlier, let them know I needed assistance. In others, though, there were too many people to allow me to walk out of the store. Communication mishap.
I went to another location and had a completely different experience. No suit seemed right, but, when I am ready to buy one or a bra, I will return to that location. It is all subjective.

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