Wednesday, May 11, 2011

thoughts of today

Running enables clarity.
Last week, I took a brief hiatus. Mexico. That is all I am saying. It was easy to find justifications as to why I could put it off until the next day. Four days later and still not one successful run in. Fail.
Very wasteful. I was two blocks from the beach and from my previous visit, I was familiar with a route that I enjoyed. Yes, definitely wasted an opportunity to run and enjoy beauty. Next trip for sure.
Moreover, I fell down a few stairs and now have a gigantic bruise on my right hip. The night it happened, I blocked it out. Insisted I was fine and enjoyed the rest of the evening. The next morning I woke up and my first thought was--wow, I slept terribly on my hip.
Got up, walked around and saw the bruise. Since then, I have been sleeping poorly trying to adjust to the hip factor. Naturally, I sleep on my right side. I try to lay flat or sleep on my left hip, but it doesn't work for long. I wake up, realize that I am sleeping on my right side and try to stretch out the hip without creating too much stress on the side.
Yes, sleep has been interesting the last six days.
I think I have tweaked my hip through overcompensating for the pain. I feel a smidgeon of hip tendonitis. My friend suggested a chiropractor. I would love to see her chiropractor but know it is a question of stretching not adjusting. I am not physically out of alignment. I need to stretch. I experienced this similar injury last July while beginning training for the Vegas Marathon. I suffered through the lopsideness of walking til I could no longer stand it. I booked a massage, hoping, that that would ease the tension.
Finally, I sought out a chiropractor to hear the words--this is question of stretching. Your tendos is too tight. I cannot adjust you. I can show you how to stretch. Here, this is what you do.
As such, I am taking a day off from running and seeking out a yoga class instead. I miss yoga. I think I will greatly benefit from the class. Spiritually and physically provide more clarity of the present moment.
I feel fantastic. Finally released some emotions from my past. I do feel fantastic. I choose happiness.
Quick side note...I love the show Glee, even before it became mainstream/popular. Last night's episode was great. I was thrilled that they brought Jesse back for an episode or two. Great song between he and Rachel.
Yes, I genuinely choose to be happy today.

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