Saturday, May 14, 2011


Yesterday, I chose to walk back to the hood than drive. Trying to be as active as possible, I convinced my friend that five miles in 100+ heat would be stimulating for me. I wouldn't die and I would enjoy the experience.
She only caved in when I told her I had mace.
She had some reservations but dropped me off about five miles from the house. She pulled over, I got out, and then almost immediately, a green Tahoe pulled over.
I crossed the street trying to figure out what the Tahoe was doing. I continued to walk and my friend drove up next to me. Neither of us could figure out what the Tahoe was doing as we watched it pull away. She drove me to the next major intersection since I insisted that I would be fine. I agreed to text her when I was home.
From here, I walked by several farms and multiple dogs that were protecting said properties. Beautiful, glorious day and I was very thankful for the opportunity to enjoy it in the way that I saw fit. Sure, I was hot, gritty, tired when I got home, but also extremely grateful for the time to myself to reflect, consider, contemplate life.
I think I should incorporate a daily walkabout in addition to the yoga, running, hiking. I benefit from all of it. Maybe try to go earlier since than the weather is not such a deterring factor. I am getting more equipped at dealing with the stray dogs, too. Yesterday, I watched one dog burrow under a fence to chase after me. Awesome.
I stood my ground, yelled, and then the dog had no interest in me. Stood there with nowhere to go. His mates were inside the fence and I was no longer considered a threat.
Yes, I am adjusting to the daily walks.
Last week was a complete wash--no running or walking outside of to/from the golf cart. I attempted another 9 with little success. I did have two clear shots that made me proud. Two of I don't know how many. After that I became the "mud queen". My sandals were off and since my golf ball ended up in the water, I became the designated fetch person for my friend's golf balls. It felt like clay and was the color of shale. I think I made five jaunts into the sipping bowl of golf balls. I definitely looked the part of mud queen after that.
I think I earned the nickname pack mule at some point, too. Mexico adventure would not be complete without me being mocked.
I think it all started when I told my friend, Jonny, about my recent flight where this guy chatted me up the entire flight. He told me about his life, his work history, exercise regime, kids. He asked me my name and I told him.
After two hours of conversation, we parted ways. His last words to me were--Destiny, it was really great meeting you.
Really? Destiny, hmmmm....I thought it was funny. I retold my friend, Jonny, and he said, well in Mexico, that will be your name. From this point he introduced me as Harmony, otherwise known as Destiny in Mexico.
Fun times are always had on visits to Mexico. The exercise regime sort of is tossed out the window. Next time, I will rectify it. Run, golf, run, enjoy beach and tranquil lifestyle. Maybe attain a new nickname. Anything is better than packmule.


Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I looked at your blog and it is awesome. Your philosophy is identical to mine. Also the running and the hiking. I also love cycling. But my passion has always been the running.
Keep on running.... it is not only a great opportunity to meditate and reflect but also it is great for your health. Running is Your time, not anyone elses time.
Wish you luck in all your adventures. Keep your adventurous soul nourished.
Take care

harmony said...

Thank you! This made my day. I agree that running, hiking, cycling, all, are amazing ways to reflect on life and be positive. I enjoy running with friends, sometimes, but know I benefit on my solo runs more. I need the time for me.
Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. Looking forward to more updates on your blog as well. Be well--Harmony

Nancy said...

I admire your tenacity - no way would I take a walk in 100 degree weather in Mexico. It would take away from my margharita time on the beach.

harmony said...

Believe me, I always make time for cocktails. Somehow, it isn't genuine beach time without at least frozen drink.