Saturday, November 5, 2011

My idea of Friday

Siesta seems necessary today.  Quick rundown of my Friday.  I used public transport for the majority of my day.  Didn't really have any other option since Veronica is back in the shop.  I took the lightrail to the airport and waited.  Lindsay's flight was delayed due to winds, here, and light departure from Denver.  I opted to meet her at the security gate since I knew that her phone was no longer functioning.  Long story and not really the point. 
I listened to my ipod and waited.  She arrived and we took a cab to Mill Avenue.  I wanted to go to a wine restaurant that has great ambiance.  I was hungry and felt like checking it out with Lindsay.  Unforuntately, they were no longer serving food and my least favorite bartender was working.  This person is really unattentive which surprises me.  She has a rockstar job and doesn't seem that interested in customer service from my last two visits. 
Regardless, we enjoyed a few glasses of wine and then walked back to my place.  I offered to get us a cab as it was raining, but, Lindsay seemed determined to walk.  In all honesty, it wasn't that bad.  Cold, sure, but I do live nearby.  We arrived, I gave Lindsay a tour of my place and then arranged a plate of tapas--guacamole, chips, salsa, vegetables and cheese.  Opened some wine and gabbed.  First time entertaining in the new rental.  I miss my platters that I left in Denver with friends.  I will buy some soon.  I love drinking wine and entertaining. 
I think, we finally, went to bed at 3:30.  I am so tired, but I woke up at 8ish.  Why do I do this?  Instead of fighting it, I opted to make coffee and let Lindsay sleep.   She needs it and I didn't want to toss and turn and wake her up, too.  Nap sounds awesome.
Tomorrow, we have a half marathon to attend.  Today, will be slow motion to ensure a good experience for the event. Otherwise, I would tour more of the Valley and engage in day drinking.  Optimal idea for a Saturday. 
Excited to explore more of Phoenix with Lindsay.  Will update later....

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