Wednesday, November 23, 2011

wednesday thoughts

At neighbor's house trying to feel comfortable while using their service.  It just feels weird but I am tired of waiting for them to address the issue.  I want them to feel my frustration and so I forced myself to come over and use their ether cord. 
Yesterday was a wash.  I spent most of the day out with friends and lazy.  I think I needed it.  I needed a day to just be.  Of course, I did some work related tasks.  Met with Justin to discuss how things are going at the bar and research other restaurants.  Spent happy hour with Jan and skipped the necessary run.  I have a head cold, now, and so that was smart, I think.  Trying to run congested doesn't sound appealing.  It sounds like a struggle. 
I believe yoga and strength training is the way to go.  I suppose it is great that I scheduled a massage, too.  Today, an 80 minutes session with Brandon.  I cannot wait.  I hope to schedule a  massage in Las Vegas, too.  Last year the massage toasted the marathon effort.  This year, it will celebrate Shari's first half marathon.  I am so proud of her.  I admire her tenacity to set a goal and go after it.  She is truly an inspiration.  I cannot wait to run this race with her. 
My friend, Jennifer, also will be running her first half marathon.  She, too, is an inspiration.  Crazy like a fox with home renovations, motorcycle restoration, MBA aspirations and nonstop mobility.  I cannot wait to see her in Las Vegas, cheer her on and celebrate with a fantastic meal at Tao or Olives.  My typical celebratory place, Bouchon, closes at ten pm.  I think it will be a pre-race destination.  I must dine there.
Thanksgiving should be interesting this year.  Do I dine with friends, head north or try something completely different?  I know that it will be wine inspired wherever the destination is.  I am not concerned with where I drink wine, only, that I have a day to truly give thanks.  I have much to be grateful for.  It's been an eventful year with many positive changes.  It will be nice to slow down and enjoy the changes.
In other news, if my internet service does not improve, I am going to have to do something to change it.  I can no longer wait for my neighbors to take action.  Sitting in their house is unpleasant too...

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