Thursday, November 3, 2011

Words I keep uttering. of 2011

My car is in the shop.
Seriously.  I have said those words, too many times, this year.  I just got Veronica back from the mechanic after I failed emissions.  Talk about costly fix for the emissions requirement.  The best part of that experience was when I returned to have the re-test, I handed the technician my proof that Ihad had the work completed and he looked at me and said (verbatim)--I don't need that.  I was furious.
Yesterday, I was driving to work and and I noticed my temperature gage had spiked.  I called a trusted friend and knowledgeable car guy and asked why your car would overheat.  His response, either you are out of anti-freeze or your fan is not functioning.  Do you want me to turn around and help you?  YES.   Please.  I tell him where I pull over and pray that my car is not seizing up.  He arrives and adds some anti-freeze and we wait.  He checks the fan out and suggests that I would be fine.  Quick fix.  Add anti-freeze and presto, problem solved.  He takes off and I head out to work.  But, the gage remains in the hot zone.  I call him and ask him what I should do.  He tells me to keep driving and watch the level.  Eventually, I pull over, again, and he rechecks the fluids, fan and then says--it's probably your water pump.  I would do it for you, but, I don't have time.  Take it to any shop, not just volvo specific, and they will be able to fix it. 
I call a mechanic that I have used in the past and arrange to drop Veronica today.  I knew that I could take public transport back home without too much walking.  So, today, everything goes according to plan.  I wake up, shower, and drive to Phoenix to drop my car off.  I mention what I think it could be and head to the light rail station.  Four hours later, I get the call.  It is not the water pump, but, potentially, the head gasket.  This mechanic feels uncomfortable working on foreign vehicles so he suggests finding a different shop and having it reassessed.  He feels this is the issue as to why my car is overheating. 
At this point, I consider my options.  Returning it to the shop that I have frequented, numerous times, this year.  The shop that has frurstrated me and made me crazy.  Everytime I drop Veronica off for a short visit, they keep her for 8 plus days. Not to mention, they do not communicate or make me feel confident with their services.
No.  This would not be an option.  I met a neighbor when I moved in who also has a Volvo.  I asked him which shop he used and he handed me a business card and explained his relationship with a shop in the east valley.  I figure--why not?
I call them today and immediately felt that this would be the shop.  Getting the Veronica there without overheating might be troublesome.  I called my roadside assistance through my insurance and they told me they would cover six miles and the remaining 17, I would be accountable for.  Seemed ridiculous that they would only cover six but the nearest volvo dealer was six miles away from the original mechanic shop.  The roadside would take me there if I wanted.  I don't.  I have no allegiance or feel for the nearest Volvo shop.  Moreover, I drove Veronica home and now have no idea the mileage coverage.  I can only hope that I make it there safely.
Tomorrow the Goddess is visiting.  I cannot wait to see her.  We will tour the Valley on public transport or I will beg for rides.  I think I know someone I can bribe with my local eatery.  Will update this later regarding the car situation....

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