Friday, November 18, 2011

why I haven't been posting lately

Laryngitis, no internet at home and lack of sleep.  All things that sound fun, right? 
Work has been time consuming as of late.  Long hours and not truly taking care of myself caught up with me on Monday night.  Literally, I walked in my door and couldn't speak.  I drank some hot tea and prayed for a voice in the a.m. 
As Tuesday progressed my condition worsened.  Eventually, the owner looked at me and said--why do you sound like crap?  Well, not eating, sleeping or drinking enough water created the laryngitis for sure.  It's been fun to say the least.
Last night, I tried the hot toddy remedy.  Didn't really do it for me.  I switched to a glass of red wine.  Some habits are hard to break.  After a quick bite to eat, I returned home to try to use my lap top.  Since Tuesday, I have been unable to use the internet at home.  Apparently, there was a power outage on Tuesday night in southwest Tempe.  By morning, the problem had been addressed and it was business as usual for my neighbors.  I attempted to go on-line only to find that I was unable to.  I marched (literally) over to my neighbor's house since we share the internet at 8 am.  I figure they are college students--at least one of them should be awake.  I write this note--Hi.  Sorry so early.  Can't talk.  Have laryngitis.  Why no internet?
My neighbor was sweet about it.  Still not able to help me out.  The tech savvy roommate was asleep.  This kid slept all day.  Meanwhile, I went to work and tried to not sound as raspy or worse, not able to speak at all.  I returned home hoping that I would be able to use my laptop.  Still, no service.
I text two of my neighbors and inquire about the situation.  They mention that I could come over and use their computer if need be.  That, to me, isn't a solution.  I pay a portion of the internet service and do not want to hang out in their house.  It reeks of cat and boy house as it should.  The boy part that is.  There are three boys living in that house.  I don't feel comfortable lounging on their couch or in their space.  I want to lounge on my own bed, chair or the floor.  Why don't they understand that?
I am seriously considering setting up my own service.  Currently, I am sitting in a starbuck's getting my internet fix.  The problem with shared service is is that it is limiting.  I cannot purchase plane tickets or check a few other password necessary sites.  I need internet in the house.  Must get it figured out and asap.
I am happy to be productive and working again.  Only, I need to make my health a priority too.  Laryngitis is no picnic.  I never realized how much I talked until I was unable too.  Right now, it isn't terrible.  Last night I sounded like a robot according to a friend of mine.  I didn't appreciate that comparison.  I was trying to go for the smoky, hazy voice of Kathleen Turner.  Robot reminds me of Lost in Space or the Jetson's.  Sexy?  Not really.
So, I will hopefully have internet tonight.  Or, I will find another wi-fi area to update my livelihood via blog.
Happy Friday!

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