Saturday, November 5, 2011

Update on Car while listening to Corinne Bailey Rae and thinking of a recent 1/2 Marathon

Sounds odd, I know.  Last year, I ran a 1/2 with the Goddess, Sara Jo and Sipper.  Thinking ahead, I brought cd's to listen to while driving around Napa.  Forward thinking until I left them in my bag in the trunk except for one.  For a few hours, we listened to Corinne.  I love her...I do.  Just, it was a little much at the time.  Now, I always think of that particular trip when I hear her cd.
This morning, the new shop called me at ten til 7 to apologize for not calling me back last night and following up with my service call.  I avoided it since I wasn't ready to drive over yet.  Hopeful that I could arrange a tow without involving roadside assistance or a cab back to Tempe after dropping Veronica off.  Plus, I needed to do laundry and get supplies for Lindsay's visit to AZ.  I drove and ran errands and eventually called the shop.  The man had called me, again, to see what my plans were.  I was impressed with his tenacity.  I called him to explain that I knew I needed service but had been unable to arrange a ride back to the East Valley.  He told me that they would drive me back once I dropped Veronica off.  Hello, talk about service!  Already an improvement from the last shop I found.
I drive about 6 miles and realize that I could go no further without damaging my engine.  I call roadside and arrange a tow.  Not run especially since my insurance only covered 9 miles of the drive.  Stupid in my opinion, but, I got over it and quickly. 
I met the owner of the shop and was on my way.  His employee drove me home and explained some of their history.  Local shop, lots of family and exemplary customer service is what I deduced from the conversation. 
About an hour later, they call me and say, yes, you need a new head gasket.  This is what we project it to cost and sorry to be the bearer of bad news.  Still, I believe I should be able to get my car back early next week. What a difference from the other shop I had been using here.  I miss Sweden Pride in Denver.  They are honest, fair and always, communicated, what needed to be done in a quick fashion.
I consider the pro's and con's of continuing to service the Volvo.  On the positive side, I have had this car since 2005.  She's been awesome until recently.  And, it's an older vehicle.  Things break.  Not that I want to sign on for more heartbreak, financially.  I just am unwilling to say goodbye.  There is still a lot of miles in this car and I know it.  And, no car payment which is what I prefer.  The idea of finding another used car is daunting.  I do have friends that could assist me in this, but I am not ready to let go. 
I took the bus to whole paycheck and picked up some wine for Lindsay's visit.  I had white but the red factor was light.  Had to fix that and quickly.
I figured out how to get to the airport via public transport to pick her up, too.  I love city life and how accessible resources are when you want them.  Her visit will be interesting without a car.  But, I will make it work.
Happy Friday!

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