Tuesday, November 22, 2011

woes of parking and internet

Starbuck's.  Again to use the internet.  Christmas music, packed coffee house and me, trying to get current with my technological fixations.  Day off and too much to do. 
The other day, I went home to find a car parked in my parking spot.  I think this is probably my number one pet peeve.  Truly annoying to me when someone takes my spot.  Since it was Sunday, I sort of figured that it was one of my neighbor's friends.  I knock on their door to see if they know whose car it is.
No response.
I text two of the guys and ask if they know who owns a blue Prius.  Ten minutes later one of them texts back that he might know whose car it is and that he would have to check.
I block the car in, write a note and wait.  Twenty minutes later, I head out for work.  I run into the third neighbor (whom I had not texted) and innocently ask--do you know whose car this is?
Yes.  It's one of my friend's or his boyfriend's car.  Sometimes they need the spot...what?  They need the spot that is my designated spot.  I tell the kid that I left to go to Starbuck's to use the internet since mine wasn't working.  I continue with, this is my spot that I shouldn't have to fight for and implied if your friend needs a parking spot, well, then, give him one of yours.
The cherry on top of this story is that as I am driving to work, I run into the other two neighbors with their friend who is currently parked in my spot.  I made sure that they saw me and drove off. 
How can someone feel so entitled?  This is what I don't understand.  What happened to respecting other people's property and yourself?  I mean, obviously, the boys next door understand that I have one of the carport spots.  We have been neighbors since September.  I have been parking next to them for three months.
Parking in Tempe on Sundays is free.  Why is it necessary to park in my spot off street? 
I am hoping to have the internet situation resolved by Friday.  I am considering my options.  Should I wait for the boys to finally get service up and running for me?  Or, begin my own account with Cox?  I believe that I will wait until Friday and make a decision then.  I must have access to the internet.
My sister, Jasmin, had a healthy baby girl yesterday.  Emma Raine greeted the world.  She is gorgeous and they sent me a very sweet photo of Jasmin and Emma.  I look forward to meeting her.
Day off with many tasks to accomplish.  With Thanksgiving around the corner, I see myself stocking up on wine, cough drops and a nice outfit.  I think I feel it necessary to dress up for the holiday due to my upbringing.  I cannot tell you how many times I found myself wearing the exact same dress as my sisters for thanksgiving.  (No, I will not show any of the visual illustrations).  It's tradition.  I must wear something besides shorts. 
I am off to begin my day.  Hopeful for service at home (soon) and a clear throat....

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