Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Memory

Sonoma.  One of my favorite places to visit.  Especially with these two ladies and Megan.  Megan took the photo; otherwise, she would be included in the Monday Memory. 
I adore this photo of me, Sara Jo and the Goddess.  It is a lovely memory.  We met in San Francisco, drove to Napa, ran the Healdsburg 1/2 Marathon and toured wine country the following days.  Delightful. 
I called Sara and mentioned how we needed another girls' weekend and she agreed.  After talking with her, I texted Lindsay and said--what is the plan this year?  She had her sights set on Chicago to run a race and go to a Cub's game.  I am all for both activities and only needed to secure the weekend we would be heading to Chicago.  It will happen and it will be in June.  Perfect. 
Chicago, here we come....well, in June, at least.  Til then, I am hopeful to visit them in Denver or host them in Phoenix.  Must find couch and asap. Maybe an air mattress could suffice?
Either way, enjoy the beginning of your week.  I have a yoga class calling, work (of course), wine tasting and an idea that I will be heading to the ocean at the end of the week. I would like to check out a few eateries that will be worthy for Shari and my visit at the end of February.  Plus, the ocean is always welcoming.  I thought about it and this woman I work with said, you should always take th opportunity to travel when it presents itself.  I definitely agree.

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