Monday, December 31, 2012

Images from 2012

 It all started with a visit from Jean.  We headed south to Rocky Point to check out how it had changed in twelve years.  In 2012, she is gluten free.  Her idea of a fish taco became a cole slaw taco.  No, they did not offer a grilled fish option.  Only breaded which I enjoyed.
Yes, we had ventured down there in 2000 with Vegas.  Whirlwind drinking venture and we repeated that aspect in 2012.  Jean also checked out other aspects of Phoenix, too.  It was wonderful.  Too quick of a trip.
 February took Shari and myself to San Diego.  I began my love affair with that gem of a city last christmas.  We stayed in Mission Beach, checked out the fare in Ocean Beach, downtown and Temecula.  Excellent way to celebrate the anniversary of Brian.  The food was first rate and the ocean is always inspiring.  In Little Italy, we found this eatery.  Amazing fare but the music selection was terrible.  We requested a change and the manager told us--sorry, girls, this is sort of my thing.....can you say, check please?
 My dad visited me for Spring Training.  I took him to one of my favorite spots in the city and we enjoyed a salsiccia pizza with Tiffany and Dan O who also happened to be in town for spring training.  My dad and I attended a few games and watched college basketball, too.  Gotta love March for that factor alone.  I was happy to show my dad around my current location.
 April, May, June, I did travel some--Denver, San Diego, Chicago.  I had a glorious time in all of the cities.  Chicago always entices.  I will find some images to share of that city.  I must.  I really had a stellar time with Sara Jo in Chicago.
Anyways, I flew to Geneva in July to visit my friend, Agnese.  Spent one night in Paris and the remainder of my european adventure in Italy.  Although, I didn't love, love, love Venice, I did enjoy the canals.  Venice reminded me of disneyworld for adults.  I was surrounded by the most english speakers in that city.
 Lindsay's baby shower.  Gotta have a photo of the glowing Lindsay.  Pregnancy agreed with her even if I was bummed that I no longer had a running partner for my visits.  Her shower was lovely.  I spent the rest of that trip with Jenn K and Sara Jo.  I was reminded of how much I missed Denver.
 August also brought about reconnections.  I spent a night with my favorite winemaker, Jarred.  We met in 2006 during my first Napa adventure with Mickey, Sara Jo, Sarah from college and Pocketsize.  I've followed Jarred while he has moved around the west coast but have not had a meal with him since 2006.  It was excellent to catch up in person.
I flew to Eugene to attend my sister's wedding which was a glorious occasion.  I met my gorgeous niece, Emma, and discovered that she is a true Wageman.  I fed her ice cream and she loved it.
 The little beauty, Emma.  We wanted to match with yellow.
 September showcased more of Denver and the foothills.  My friend, Jenn K, exchanged vows at Boettcher and had a reception at the Brown.  I spent an additional day in the city so that I could hang out with Sara and Lindsay.  We had prosecco and breakfast before Lindsay drove me back to DIA.

I drove to San Diego and spent my birthday there.  I wanted to enjoy the ocean and my birthday.  As Napa was out due to the Denver adventure, I did the next best thing and road tripped it  my oasis of Santa Fe.  If I were closer to Santa Fe, I think I would have driven there.  While in Denver, Santa Fe was always my safe haven.  Regardless, I spent my birthday walking on Pacific Beach and enjoying the incredible weather.  A nice break from the brutal heat of Phoenix for sure.
I must add some more visuals of my trips.  I managed to showcase some of the faves....

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