Monday, December 31, 2012

1.  Tricks
2. Enoteca Adriana
3. Parlor
4. Jan's house
5.  Hashouse
6. Charlie Trotter's
7. Agnese's parents' house
8. Elway's
9. B2
10.  Solera
11.  Jean's house
12. Dahl & Diluca
13. Gott's Roadside Cafe
14.  Elway's
15.  stir fry at my house
Some of the meals that stood out, for me, 2012.  I know there are more.  I went to yoga today and considered my trip to Chicago.  Somehow, I had overlooked my dining experience at Charlie Trotter's.  I was in downward dog and almost collapsed.  Seriously.  How had I forgotten that incredible meal?
Bubbly, prix fixe meal and then some.  It was amazing.  The luck of the draw.  I called on a random Saturday and prayed that I would be able to make reservations.  I knew they were closing six weeks after our visit.
That reminder inspired my top 12 of the 2012. One meal per month.  It started with appetizers at Tricks.  Jean visited me and I wanted to show her around Tempe.  Of course, a meal there, even just apps was necessary.  The wine list is spectacular.  Attention to detail obseved and the bar, well, is amazing.  We met her friends from MN.
I met Shari in San Diego.  Prior to that visit, I had been there earlier in February to take a break from AZ.  While there, that weekend, Whitney Houston died.  Tragedy.  Not as bad as when MJ died but still sad.  I dined at Hashhouse and loved it.  Found the best cocktail, ever, and was determined to return.
We arrived and dined at Enoteca Adriana.  The only downside was our table.  It sucked.  Right next to the hostess and we requested another table but was informed that the other tables were spoken for.  They weren't.  Regardless. the bread/olive oil combination was delightful.  We continued with ravioli.  It was delicious.
My dad visited in March.  A few spring training games, college basketball, visit to Tricks and then, we went to the Parlor.  We ate the Salsiccia pizza and entertained Tiffany and Dan.  By far, the go-to place in Phoenix for me.  The food is exquisite.  In fact, I had lunch, there, today, before heading into work to do inventory.
April offered a trip to Denver.  Only, I struggled to take care of myself.  i found myself dehydrated, lackluster and eventually collapsing on Easter.  I mangled my face (awesome) due to dehydration.  My trip to Denver lost and called my Phoenix friends to provide me shelter.  Thankfully, they came through and we shared easter dinner at their home.  I remember being offered pain killers.  I declined.  I drank red wine instead.
Post Easter, I did visit Denver briefly.  I saw my friends before heading to San Diego.  I convinced Brett that Hash House would be the ultimate post 1/2 marathon meal.  We shared an excellent meal and I drank the best cocktail ever.  I love Hashhouse.
Charlie Trotter's welcomed Sara and I.  Lovely.  We started with bubbly and shared a chef's tasting and vegetarian tasting.  My favorite course was the tofu.  Shocking, I know.   Still, honestly, the tofu shocked, inspired and delighted us.
July took me to Geneva, Paris, Italy.  I liked Geneva.  Tolerated Paris and loved Italy.  Delicious food everywhere.  The best fare was found at my host's parent's house.  Prosciutto, melon, burrata....just to name a few items.  I was spoiled and loved every minute of it.  Not to mention the coffee factor.  Nonstop coffee.
I returned to the States, worked and made my way back to Denver.  There was a baby shower to attend.  I went to Lindsay's shower, Jenn's bachelorette party and eventually made my way to Elway's.  Love the fare. I am sure we shared the crab cocktail, mac & cheese and brussel sprout hash.
Two weeks later, I flew to Oregon to attend my sister's wedding.  Family times can be stressful....I'm just saying.  I shared a hotel with my dad and rented a car.  Freedom.  Yes, it was nice to enjoy that aspect of it. I was able to come and go as I pleased.  I remember getting a pedicure the day of the wedding, buying caba for the toast and having lunch at a wine bar across the street from their house.  Excellent.  A few glasses of pinot gris later and I was ready for the wedding.
Jenn got married in September.  She had everything arranged for the ceremony, rehearsal dinner, brunch.  I was responsible for the bachelorette party.  She agreed to a wine dinner and I suggested Solera.  It never disappoints.  Six courses later.  I believe the other girls were impressed.  Not even remotely concerned about that.  It was an incredible meal.
I flew to Seattle to care take for my friend, Jean.  She asked me to help her recuperate.  I agreed.  I made eggplant, tomatoes and garlic.  I plied her with red wine.  She liked my food or maybe it was the wine.  I'll never ask or know as I did enjoy the food I prepared.
December.  Jenn's visit to AZ. I insisted on a trip to Sedona to offset my lodging situation.  I love my carriage house.  It makes sense to me as I am single.  Tiny, tiny, tiny place.  Not the best option for hosting others.  We wine tasted at Jerome and I drove to Sedona.  We were told to check out a mexican restaurant and warned that we would have to wait.  Instead of going there, we opted, for the italian option.  I had heard of Dahl & Diluca.  Just never been there.  We did enjoy the meat balls and radicchio appetizer.
A week later, I was in heaven.  Or Napa as it is known to mortals.  I had the opportunity to spend two days/ nights there and so I figured why  not go?  Food was amazing and my favorite meal, of all, was dining, picnic style alongside hwy 29 at Gott's Roadside.  Everyone in my party had burgers with the exception of my chicken sandwich and one other guy's ahi tacos.  I should have ventured that direction, too.  Yet, I opted for a sammie.  I knew we would share fries.
Christmas in Denver.  Sparkly.  Bubbly.  Soup, too.  Two days with Jenn & Rob.  Movies, wine and more wine.  I received a Justin Bieber stocking for my gift.  I felt blessed.  Eventually, I met the Goddess for lunch with the Wrangler and we went to Elways'.  Green Chile cole slaw, was, by far, my favorite side dish.  We split a fish sandwich too.  I loved it.
Tonight, I chose to make stirfry to conclude my 2012.  I love vegetables and this hit the spot.  I work, tomorrow, morning.  What a way to greet 2013.  Cannot wait.  It's going to be early and then done.  Til then, cheers, celebrate and taste life.
I see great things out of 2013~

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