Friday, December 14, 2012

Visit from a friend

Successful visit in spite of lingering cold.  I fought through the phlegm and hosted a three day fantastic visit or so I would like to think.  It began with mimosa brunch, coffee and off to Jerome.  We arrived at sunset and found a wonderful winery to check out.  Jerome is a charming town.  I wish I had opted to stay there instead of heading to Sedona.  Only because I have visited Sedona several times.  It would have been nice to check out a new town.
After Jerome, I drove to Sedona and found our hotel.  West side of town.  Checked in and considered dining options.  There was a pizzeria, mexican foodie place, italian and bar food options.  We chose the Italian restaurant.  Grilled radicchio, meatballs and pasta enticed us.  A bottle of verdicchio to drink.  I know that Jenn wanted a pinot noir but I wanted to try something new and different.  Rarely have we ever drank a bottle of white wine together.  Typically, it's red, red, red.  Yes, she and I both love red wine.  That evening I wanted to drink something different.
Dinner was good, not great.  Still, it was close to the hotel.  The next morning we took advantage of the beautiful surroundings and hiked.  Stunning views of the city.  I love being surrounded by red rocks, blue skies and trees.  It has a mystical quality about it, too.  Thankfully, we had chosen a trail that had switchbacks and an incredible view but that was not too strenuous.  My chest did ache while we were climbing.  The cold kicked in and was testing me.  I wanted to climb to the top though.
Gorgeous views and worth the slight hacking/phlegm discomfort.  I took a few photos and we headed back to the car.  The hotel did offer a functioning hot tub which we used twice.  Definitely worth it.
I had wanted to eat mexican food while Jenn was visiting.  There is a place in Sedona, noteworthy, to check out.  For some reason, I felt they were only open for dinner.  The clerk at the hotel assured me that that was not the case.  I should have stuck with my gut instinct.
Mexican food out and we chose another well-known eatery in Sedona.  Again, a little lackluster.  Now, I know which places to skip on my next venture into Sedona.
Her visit continued with more wine tasting, a xmas party and concluded with pedicures.  I had a blast.  Too much fun really.  As a result, I took an additional day off to rest and hopefully recover from the cold.  I believe part of the cold is due to change of weather and the other part is due to me being a complete cerebral freak.  I am way too internal as of late.  I analyze, re-analyze, over-analyze.  It's a nonstop circuit playing in my head.  I think I have lingering cold as a result of this.
Yesterday, I decided to stop making myself crazy with my thoughts.  I guess I wonder what I am doing in my life, which direction I am heading, etc...normal things that everyone goes through at one point or another in their lives.  It's been an odd year for sure.  I just need to make peace with that I chose to be on this road and recognize the positives that have occurred as a result.
Alright, I am off to yoga to continue the namaste of the day.  I am happy to be here, safe, secure and healthy.

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