Monday, December 31, 2012

more images of 2012

 Visit to Seattle.  Made some time to see Jean and Jack in November.  I was reminded of my squeamishness and how I do, in fact, admire anyone in the medical profession.  Jean had had a procedure done and I flew out to provide a little help.  My idea of help is opening wine, making dinner and yes, I can do laundry. I arrived to find an attachment that I was unwilling to change out for her.  She, knowing me, was not surprised.  I think she was happy for my arrival to open wine and cook dinner.
 Outside of a tasting room in Cornville.  Imagine it in full bloom.  I toured az wine country with my friend, Danny, and then a week later when Jenn visited me in Arizona.
 Radicchio appetizer...delicious.  Jenn and I chose to dine here as it was near the hotel, italian and open.  We arrived in Sedona after spending a few hours in Jerome.  Wine tasting demanded our attention is all I am saying.
 I do love Sedona.  I should make more of an effor to spend time there.  It is a quick drive from Phoenix and amazing.  I love the red rocks.  We hiked Doe Mountain before returning to the valley.
 My only night hike photo from Camelback.  I foolishly made a hiking date with my friend, Jeff, one Sunday night.  I think we had fifteen minutes of sunset before it was black.  The hike up wasn't so bad.  The descent, well, I thought we were going to get lost.  Jeff is not a boy scout if you get what I am saying.  His internal compass led us astray a few times that night.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious ten fidy to celebrate.
 Outside of my hotel room in Napa.  I fell in love with Napa all over again.  It is a wonderful town.  Who wouldn't like it?  Wine, wine, everywhere and there are amazing eateries everywhere.  I think my favorite food of that trip was the roadside cafe.  We dined, picnic style, while sharing stories from our lives.  It was quite nice.
 Vines, sunshine (awesome) and the beauty of the valley.  I really enjoyed my two day trip to Napa.
 No, I did not try to drink this by myself.  Maybe another trip.
 Lunch with Steve and Lindsay.  What a way to conclude my Denver Christmas adventure.  Wine with friends and incredible food.
Lindsay and Wrangler also attended lunch with us.  He is a charming little guy.  He slept in the car, cooed in the restaurants and accompanied us around Denver.
Yes, 2012 was truly a good year for me.  I did break another camera that is why I am unable to find my Chicago photos.  I used my old school camera to capture moments from that trip.  I guess I will just have to post them later.
My only regret of 2012 is that I neglected blogging.  It is more of a creative outlet for me and there are times when I either don't feel creative, candid or funny.  I know that I censor myself on this too.  I want to let go of some that for 2013 and I believe it is time to take a leap of faith in myself.  I see many great things happening in 2013 and am looking forward to experiencing them.
However you choose to conclude 2012, be safe, smile and share this moment with someone you care about.  Even if it is only yourself.  Cheers!
I might post more later.  I need to run off to yoga, do a liquor inventory (not looking forward to this) and find some bubbly~

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