Saturday, December 29, 2012

Productive Friday

Yes, productive day.  Hike, mailed packages to siblings/parents, made reservations for the 28th and tried to order glasses.  I found some designer glasses on line that I thought I would like.  I was between the berry colored and brown.  The brown might make me look mousy and so I had firmly chosen the berry frames.  The only thing I needed was my prescription.  I called my optometrist and left a message with their receptionist.  Apparently, yesterday was a busy day for optometrists.  Three hours later the guy calls me back.  I make my request for the chosen glasses only to be told that they no longer carry that designer.  WTH?
I ask for my prescription, thinking, I can either order the glasses on-line where I originally discovered them or head to Costco with Jan and see what they have available.  My prescription doesn't expire until February 15th and so there is the possibility of returning to Denver to try on glasses, too.  I am not anti-that option either.  It could be fun.
I am bummed that the glasses will have to wait.  I know there are options and that I will obtain new ones, I just want them now.
It felt great to be productive and finally be able to cross some stuff off of my to-do list.  Yes, I still make those and carry them around in my purse.  To me, if I write it down, I will do it.  I won't just talk about it or dream about it, I'll do it.  Maybe I should start a 2013 list.  Travel, classes, half marathon.  I would like some springtime visitors, too.  Why not?  Arizona is delightful til about April.  After that, it becomes warm, hot, brutal.  Yes, in that order.  I would dream of a reprieve and when it arrived (end of October) the time flies til the summer.  If only the summer months would pass as quickly.
I struggled with the hike yesterday.  Some of it is due to a lingering cold and the other is due to lack of exercise for the past three weeks.  Yes, I have went to yoga, infrequently, but that is it.  No hiking and I don't even know the last time running has been part of my vocabulary. Although, I did contact my running partner about setting up a running date soon.  It is time to enjoy that activity again.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been lazy.  Lazy due to travel and hosting visitors.  Entertaining is exhausting.  I need to incorporate exercise in the hosting/travel part of my life.  Otherwise, I will end up struggling up Camelback.  Not a fan of that move.
Off to work.....will update this more later.  I want to reflect on the 2012 trips, food and wine.

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