Friday, December 28, 2012

reflecting on December

Happy Holidays!  This year has flown by.  I'm still slacking on getting gifts out to my family/friends.  Part of that issue was taking time to host friends, travel to Napa and spend christmas in Denver.  Yes, December was a busy month.  It seemed like I was constantly trying to recover from my mini-trips and work at the same time.  There would be opportunity to wine taste which I would pass on to catch up on sleep, detox and  attend yoga.
Yes, December flew by.  Onward to January.  New year, possibility and travel.  Isn't travel always my primary concern?  I would like to manage one international trip for 2013 as well as a few half marathon destination weekends.  2012 was a complete failure in terms of running.  I signed up for the Phoenix 1/2 and made a voluntary contribution to the charity.  The Vegas Marathon became the exact same thing--voluntary contribution.  I had higher hopes of completing that race.  Then, the summer hit in Phoenix and my training went out the window.  I did attempt to arrange run dates with Jeff.  He suggested meeting at 6:30, at night, when it was still 108-110.  Yuck!  I do not relish running when it is 100+.  So, I avoided most of our meetups and focused on yoga.  My downward dog/chataranga combination has vastly improved as a result.  My arms look sculpted (I guess that is something).  Still, my running became nonexistent.
Then, there was an offer to visit Napa.  That was what crushed the vision of the Vegas 1/2.  Who would pass up a trip to Napa to run a half marathon?  Not me.  I can still taste the cabernet franc from Peju.  Delicious.  I regretted not extending my trip one more day to explore the best city in the world.  I do see a trip to San Fran in my near future.  Possibly early spring.
I had a friend visit from Denver and we checked out wine country in northern Arizona.  I believe Jenn enjoyed her mini-vacation.  The weather was pleasant and we did get a divine pedicure in Arcadia.  There is this little salon that I love.  Every visitor with the exception of my dad has accompanied me to this place.  It is worthy.
Denver for xmas was excellent.  White Christmas, cheese soup and ample wine.  I managed to check out two of my favorite spots and meet up with Steve, Lindsay, Jenn K, Tiffany, Jimmy and eventually, Sara Jo.  I woke up to -2 degrees outside.  Frigid.  Yes, I packed jeans and warm clothing.  All of my friends inquired about my attire.  They do know me well and I think, I surprised them by wearing jeans.  In my youth, I would have worn shorts no matter how cold it was outside.  Foolish youth.
This is just the beginning of my reflecting on 2012.  It has been an interesting year, for me, personally.  My blogging was scarce and it was mostly due to computer issues.  Regardless, I am off to hike Squaw Peak.  Part of my I must get active and detox routine.  Yoga enticed yesterday.  Today, it's hiking.  Anyways, happy Friday!

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