Saturday, December 29, 2012

trips of 2012

It all started in San Diego.  Last Christmas.  That five hour drive enticed, inspired, flirted.
Afterwards, my friend, Jean, visited.  We chose to drive to Rocky Point to visit Vegas, drink rum and eat cole slaw tacos.  Jean is gluten free.  We did manage a few days in Phoenix, too.  Parlor, Ohso, Peaks...we hit all of the hot spots.
Post Jean's visit, I spent a weekend in San Diego.  Whitney Houston died.  It was my dad's birthday and I was sad.  Part of my childhood vanished.  I ate at a tapas place and stayed in Ocean Beach.  Visited Alpine, too.  Tommy mentioned it during my xmas visit.  Two weeks later, Shari came to stay.  We spent a night in Tempe and then headed west.  Stayed in Mission, got lost on the way to Hash House and wine tased in Temecula.  Success #6 annivesary.  Yes, the almond sparkling was nice.  Not my favorite wine to taste while in Temecula.
March brought my dad to visit. We went to a few spring training games.  Saw the Royals lose to the Dodgers and caught a glimpse of Pujols.  Tiffany and her guy were in town and so we restaurant hopped.  I can always put on a show of what I like when food is involved.  Vegas offered to meet up with my dad, too. I declined.  He seemed preoccupied.
Post March, I made plans to visit Denver.  I worked, a lot, and focused on my trip.  Easter Sunday, well, my plans changed.  Quick visit to the E.R. and my plans were delayed.  Dehydration is not fun or advised.  I recovered and made another trip to Denver at the end of April.  May brought work.  I continued to run and consider my trip to Italy.  I needed to book the ticket but I was hesitant.
In June, I drove to San Diego to cheer my friends on through the marathon there.  I experienced June Gloom and reconsidered my thought that San Diego had the best weather of anywhere else.
I flew to Chicago to meet Sara Jo.  We ran a 10 k, ate tapas and had dinner at Charlie Trotter's before it closed.  All, i can say, is amazing.  Stunning meal.
July, I flew to Genevea.  I visited my friend, Agnese and inhaled prosciutto and prosecco.  Came to the conclusion that I adore Italy.  Who wouldn't?  Excellent food.
August brought a trip to Denver to attend Lindsay's baby shower and Michaela's wedding in Oregon.  I managed a brief stayover with my favorite winemaker before returning to the desert.  I celebrated my birthday in San Diego with Tommy and headed east to stand up in Jenn K's wedding.  I wanted to celebrate in Napa, but, got over it. There was still time left in 2012 to visit there.
I flew to Seattle to be a caretaker.  I wanted to help out my friend, Jean.  It rained and was gloomy.
Post Seattle, Jenn K visited me.  We spent one night in Sedona.  Love, love, love...Sedona.  A week later, i flew (finally) to Napa.  That is my ideal place.  Afterwards, I flew to Denver for xmas.
Yes, I have had a grand year.  For sure, I am one lucky lady.  I can honestly say that each year has improved my demeanor and love of life.  I cannot wait for 2013.  I am excited for its prospects.  Who wouldn't be after experiencing this past year?
I must reflect on the food factor, wine and fave trips of last year.  Yea, I traveled, a lot.  Loved every single minute of it.  Yet, there were standout trips to further elaborate on.  Til then, drink some wine

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