Wednesday, May 15, 2013

California dreaming

Gorgeous.  This stunning photo was taken while visiting California.  Beautiful.
I had talked a few of my friends into signing up for a wine half marathon and touring wine country while in the area.  I kept telling myself--I have ample time to train.  There is still six months.
I have three months.  I have six weeks.  Then, I went on a 3 mile run with the hope of running every other day up til the race.  I supplemented my training with yoga.  Figured yoga would keep me limber, adapted to the heat and in solid cardiovascular health.
Well, yoga created some issues.  I tweaked my gracilis muscle.  Slender thigh muscle.  Basically, I had discomfort putting on pants.  My massage therapist suggested taking it easy and using a heating pad to help encourage healing.
I stopped running to focus on healing.  You can imagine how well my half marathon went.  Sara Jo also had been distracted in her life.  Lots of work and little time to train for the half.  Agnese ran a half two weeks ago and finished in one hour and thirty-eight minutes.  She was prepared.
I was prepared to run/walk...basically, finish.  I think we ran the first seven miles, stopped to pee (which wasted 15 minutes) and resumed the course.  After mile 9, my knees started to ache.  My tendons were pulling and each step felt tighter and tighter.  Agnese and Renatto continued while Sara and I hung back.  What this displayed to me was I must run more than 3 miles in six months to actually enjoy the race.  It doesn't deter me from signing up for another either.  I know that I can complete a half marathon without pain.  I have done it before.
Outside of the race, the weekend was glorious.  Wine tasting, incredible food and conversation with friends. We're thinking Spain 2014.  I met Agnese in 2011 in Denver.  I stayed with her family in Italy 2012 and she met me in California 2013.  I'm hoping to convince Sara and the Goddess to meet us there, too.
Of course, I wish I had had more time to explore the Central Coast.  I saw a handful of wineries, only.  It is too difficult.  I mean, of course, there are wineries that I want to see, have to see and then hope to see.  I suppose there will be other trips in the future.
I signed up for a race in Colorado in August.  Training must restart.  Maybe a few more days off.  Yoga will continue to supplement my crosstraining effort.  Although, I see some cycling being incorporated into the health regime, too.
I do have a return trip to California in a few weeks.  Wine exploration will resume then.  That, and beer tasting.  There is a lovely beer festival being held in Paso.  That covers my May travel.  I hope to set up a few trips in June/July.  Any suggestions?

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