Friday, May 24, 2013

inspired to change

I bought a three month unlimited yoga package and completed 61 days.  I missed due to travel, work and then, a couple times, I just didn't feel like going.  Or, I knew that an instructor was teaching my flow class that I didn't really love.  There is a guy that has been subbing for the Tuesday class that I find challenging to attend the class.  I go in with a positive intention and after a few poses, I cannot shake the annoyance of how basic the class is.  His music teeters between coffee shop and adult contemporary.  It isn't terrible and I find that I prefer it to the recent metaphysical crap one of my favorite teachers is playing.
For me, yoga is physical, spiritual and yes, driven by the music selection.  There was one teacher who had brilliant taste.  Come to find out, her background is in dance.  Of course, she understands how music moves you.  I would get lost in the flow and I know that my practice benefited, greatly, from that.
After she left for a newer studio, I found new instructors to work with and learn from.  The Wednesday/Friday girl is fantastic. She changes her flow and it is always challenging.  Until last Friday, when she changed her music.  I tried to work past it but I became bored, annoyed and then, thinking, about getting hurt because my mind was elsewhere.  I finished the class without asking her why the change in music.  On Wednesday, I attended her class, hopeful, that the music selection had improved.  Halfway through the class, it improved.  My mental state lagged because I couldn't let go of how annoyed I was that, again, the music sucked and I was wasting my day trying to attend a yoga class. I haven't found a diplomatic way of inquiring into the recent music choices.  They advertise an upbeat music to accompany the yoga.  I know that yoga is about the practice of breathing.  I just cannot let my mind go when the music lacks.  I think no music would be preferable in all honesty.
I am checking out a new studio today.  I just can't continue to practice when I am unhappy either with the flow or music at this one studio.  I am bummed.  I thought about increasing other activities into my regime.  Hiking or running.  Sure they both are great.  However, I chose to drink a few glasses of wine last night instead of going to bed at a reasonable hour.  I think I went to bed at 2.  Waking up at 5:30 or 6 (at the latest to ensure a quality run) did not seem doable.
So, yea, I am heading to a different studio today.  I think I am going to look into a few others around the Valley.  It's time to see what else is out there and stop settling for comfort of my normal studio.  I think my practice will improve.  And, it will force me to start running.  There is a half in Colorado that I will be running in August.  I cannot, in good faith, go there with no training.  The Half in Santa Barbara is a reminder of how no running does not equal a successful event.  By far, my worst performance and most fun in some ways.  I ran with Sara Jo and my two Italian friends.  It was awesome!  The running part, well, that was a struggle.  Around mile 9, my knees were killing me.  Well, the tendons were tight.
Enjoy today!  I am ready to greet the day with a positive flow.  Cheers!

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