Saturday, May 18, 2013


This is my current fascination.  Italy.  I had the pleasure of visiting last year for 10 days and it was incredible. I spent the first part of the trip in Geneva, an overnight in Paris and then to northeast Italy.  I spent a couple of hours in Venice and it was plenty.  I loved the canals and waterways but I felt claustrophobic with the onslaught of other tourists visiting.  Crowded streets, cafes, souvenir was a bit much for me.  I prefer a leisurely stroll of the city where I can carve out my own niche.  I can meet people and experience a typical day.
A friend of mine had suggested heading to Seattle to explore the Pike Market, eateries and wine (obviously).  As we lingered over when a good time for us to go she talked to a few of her other friends.  One of whom has a villa in Italy.  Immediately, she contacts me and says,"Instead of Seattle, what do you think of Italy?  Fly into Milan and head to Lake Cuomo."
Initially, I thought, no.  I was there, last summer, and I would like to go to Seattle.  I have friends up there who I would love to see and Seattle would be an excellent break from the heat of the desert.  Still, the more I thought about it...I thought, why not?  What's stopping me from going but myself?  I have an opportunity to go, with a place to stay, and I would be an idiot to pass it up.  I probably will not get back to Venice but there is Milan, Rome, Florence and the entire southern part of the country that we could check out.  I am inspired by an article I recently encountered.  It was written by a 92 yr-old woman who had sage advice.  43 life lessons and I agreed with the majority of them.  It is imperative to live the life you want to lead in the present.  How as much as I despise my issues/setbacks/obstacles, given the choice between mine and someone else's problems, I would still choose mine.  My favorite lesson concerned wearing purple and being eccentric now.  I love that.  It's true.  Why not wear purple or be your own true self?
I guess that is the driving force behind this I want to go to Italy summer 2013.  I checked out flights and they are not terrible.  I called Lisa to commit to this adventure and tell her that I was seriously considering it.  I stopped at a market to pick up a sandwich and found myself standing in front of an italian sparkling water.  I see it happening.  I see the signs and feel the urge to just do it.
Feeling blessed and full of sunshine.  Happy Saturday!

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