Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cheers to the tasting room, wine and friends.  Last Saturday we ran a half marathon in Santa Ynez.  After the race, we headed back to Santa Barbara, showered, had lunch and headed back up to wine country.  I knew a tasting room that would be ideal for my friends from Italy.  This place specializes in Italian varietals.  In some ways, I could have researched the event better.  Due to where we stayed in Santa Barbara, I woke up at 4:30 am to make sure that I could go through my morning ritual.  Shower, coffee, drive 45 miles up to the start line.
Missed the coffee.  There was no way of making that dream come true without sacrificing a way to the start line.  We parked about a mile and a half from the start and walked over.  We found a convenience store and I drank some subpar coffee.  Bathroom break, too.  Of course, I wasn't the only one that had the bright idea of buying coffee to use indoor plumbing.  Long line of hopeful runners waited before me.
Anyways, I think back on last weekend and feel so fortunate to have made it happen.  Yes, my research was poor.  It definitely turned into an impulse/spontaneous type of trip.  Loosely focused on running, wineries and food.  I have learned that I prefer that type of travel to the structured-planned activity trip.  I like flexibility and typically, it works.  I see room for improvement.  As noted, where we stayed compared to where the race was.  40 miles of highway separated us.  Long drive to shower and feel normal again.
Happy Saturday!  I am off to yoga to rebalance.  I find solace and me time.  It is keeping me centered for sure.  It also allows for day dreaming and trip planning.  I'm thinking Italy, Spain, France.  Why not?

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