Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wine dinner

Day off.  Well, mostly, a day off.  I still went in to do some management stuff and wine taste.  I do love Tuesdays for that.  Monday was rough as I spent the majority of it enjoying myself, immensely, and overindulging.  There was a wine dinner that I was supposed to attend but I seriously considered skipping it. I was tired and wanting to sleep the effects of Monday off.  Instead, I inhaled a spicy bean burrito smothered in super hot salsa and made the most of the day.  Mexican food is pure comfort for me.  Especially, if I am hungover.  It satisfies all of my needs--spicy, salsa and guacamole.  I would have felt better going to yoga before the heavenly burrito but the instructor teaching is not what I look for when I attend a class.  I want to be challenged, have awesome music and lose myself in the flow.  This guy's music is fine but I get annoyed with his flow and I cannot shake how bored I am.  I leave the class bitter and unfulfilled.  Complete opposite of why people practice yoga.  I recognize that I am supposed to focus on the peaceful meditative purpose of the class.  For me, that includes the musical aspect.
Anyways, after lunch and work related stuff, I met my friend at the wine dinner.  I arrived before her and selected a table that looked the most interesting.  There were a few options.  Sit at an all female table, sit in the middle of a couple couples and a solo girl or take the last seats at the middle table.  I opted for the solo girl and watched as our table filled up.  I know that I made the right decision when Vishaka met me and knew a few people at the table.
I loved the food.  Simple, peasant fare, delicious.  The soup shined the brightest.  Squash blossom in a parmesan broth.  The wines, well, they were a little young.  Still it was a lovely way to spend a Tuesday night.  And, by my not drinking the majority of the wines, I was able to drive home and know that I was pretty much sober.
If they host another dinner, I am definitely in.  It's a fun way to network, check out a new eatery and drink wine.  Life is grand!

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