Thursday, May 16, 2013


Of course, I love this and had to pick it up.  Well, photo it.  I have been to the tasting room and bought a bottle of syrah in 2007 while on a road trip.  An old customer of mine told me about the tasting room and how delicious the chardonnay was.  He told me that he and his wife had stumbled into it and that, every time, they were on the Central Coast they stopped into to buy another bottle.
That was a long time ago.  From my post-college days when I was attempting to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  All, I knew, was that there was adventure and I wanted to find it in the west.  I couldn't wait to get out of Kansas.
Last night, this woman stopped into the patio bar and told me that her daughter was studying abroad in France for a year.  I was jealous.  It reminded me of my past decisions and maybe had I taken more of the road not taken.  Instead of being studious, perhaps, I could have pieced together a study abroad type of schooling experience.  A year in Provence, Tuscany, Madrid.  Instead, I was determined to get to college and begin living life.
Not that I regret the choices I have made.  I have a wonderful life and many memories of food, conversations with friends, and wine.  I just wish I had taken more time to explore Europe while I was younger and more free from responsibility.  My parents were (are) supportive.  They could not support my wanting to spend a year in Europe and take care of my three sisters at the same time, comfortably.  They taught me discipline, determination and being able to take care of myself.  I greatly appreciate that and know it stems from my parents, grandparents, ancestors.
Still, there is the little part of me (the child dreamer) that wishes it had been different.  Of course, I regret not taking more time to learn a language while in high school or college.  My spanish requirement lost its romance years ago.  I do recognize phrases, words, etc, from kitchen spanish.  Conversationally, is a complete different story.  I know, there is time to learn french, spanish, italian.  It just relies on me to make it a priority.
I am off on a tangent today.  Began with my narcissism of finding the Harmony bottle.  Might continue, too.  I am off to explore the adventures of Thursday.  I have a book to read, a wine lunch, yoga and happy hour with friends.  Today is going to be a beautiful day!

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