Friday, May 3, 2013

Summer is here

Summer is here.  The point of no return.  It turned 100 on Sunday and that was it.  I turned my a/c on Tuesday night.  I thought I could hold out til June but that was a pipe dream.  I barely made it through Monday night.
It's still lovely in the morning.  I wake up, wishing, I could open all of my windows.  About 2 o'clock, it becomes unbearable to be without a/c.  This stifled inside air remains until about 10 pm when it finally cools down, somewhat, indoors.
I returned home Tuesday and couldn't handle the heat.  My landlord was absent and so I turned on my a/c.  Not that I thought he would be annoyed with my decision or not understand it.  I just didn't want him to think that I was taking advantage of him for turning it on too early in the year.
I miss waking up to the crisp morning.  However, I am thankful for the cooler home in the mid-afternoon.  Not going to lie.  Every now and then, I take a siesta.  It's something that I discovered while studying Spanish in Guadalajara.  I chose to do a study abroad in Mexico for two months.  Glorious.  One of the best things from the experience was the nap in the afternoon.  Of course, I resisted the nap, initially.  Naps are for children. I should be working, exercising, reading, learning, or at class, during that point in my life.
Now, I look at it, as time for me.  I enjoy a siesta in the afternoon.  Especially after yoga.  It is the perfect segway into transitioning into a busy night at work.  Yoga to reflect, detox, restore and a nap to continue the time for me.  I had a difficult time deciding if whether or not I should purchase a six month unlimited class package at my yoga studio.  There are other studios I want to check out and I have been a little bored with some of the flow classes.  I think having options leads to inspiration.  So, I bought a 50 class package at my current studio to allow for flexibility of looking into other studios.  There is one by my job which is closer to my house.  Or, there is a studio in Tempe that is intriguing.  They offer classes taught by students pursuing a teacher training which is interesting.  Their flow classes are completely different from what I have been practicing the last few years.  In a way it solidifies why I enjoy this particular studio.  Why I love a heated flow class and have come to rely on it.  Honestly, I prefer the heated class.  I love vinyasa flow but want it in this particular environment.  I don't know if I will enjoy it, as much, in a non-heated room.  I don't know that I want to find it out either.
I am about to start my day.  Yoga, quick lunch, work.  I am happy to have a/c, yoga and work.  I am appreciating, daily, the people I encounter in all of these environments.  I am inspired to find out more about my fellow yogi's that make the noon class as well as the customers that choose to live in this city and deal with the heat.  There is something here that attracts like minded people.  It's not the heat.  I know that.  I mean, I wouldn't choose to flit from a/c in my house, to a/c in my car to an air conditioned environment.  I love the outdoors.  I should enjoy this last month of cool morning which lead to hiking at Camelback or Squaw Peak.  Must do that tomorrow.
Til then, yoga, lunch, work.  Happy Friday!

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