Friday, January 31, 2014


2014 started with a self induced cleanse. I wanted clarity for my life and for me, that meant, detoxing, purifying my diet and reflecting on my priorities.  I knew it would begin on the 1st and conclude on the 14th.  I had a trip to Denver on the 16th.  Although, originally, the plan was to day trip it to Santa Fe and work the market with a supplier friend of mine.  When she called me to cancel that trip, I looked into flights to Denver and created a trip that would work for me.
Anyways, the cleanse.  Prior to the cleanse, I received a letter notifying me that I would need to update my parking permit before January 1st, 2014, or be ticketed for not displaying the current permit on my car.  I received the notice in late October and it sat on my counter until I made time to get a money order and mail off the notice.  I did my due diligence and waited to receive the permit.  I waited, and waited and waited.  On the 31st, I realized that I should call the parking department and find out where the permit was...I didn't enjoy the thought of receiving a parking ticket.  I worked on the first and woke up on the 2nd with a parking ticket.  $42 to be exact.  I called the department of transportation.  First call, transferred to a voice mail at which point a menu replayed options to where I would like to be transferred.  A woman answers and tells me that I had called the wrong place.
The second and third calls I was hung up on (awesome) which further incited me.  I was in route to the department of transportation when this guy calls me back.  He apologizes for missing my initial call and finds that my permit should be arriving today or tomorrow.  I relay my frustration with receiving the $42 ticket and he tells me that there is nothing he can do about that.  I would need to contact the municipal court, myself, and explain the situation.
I drive to work and consider my options.  I could pay the $42 ticket and be done with it.  Wouldn't that be the easiest solution?  Sure, but I didn't want to pay it.  I wasn't at fault and it became a principle for me.  I recognized how the majority of people would just pay the ticket as it is more convenient.  It is a huge hassle to drive to the municipal court, find parking, pay the meter and then enter the court house and wait for a trial date or clerk.  It would be much easier to pay the ticket.
I talked to a few friends of mine and decided to pursue the case.  I asked off from work and waited for the 30th to arrive.  My meeting with the judge would be at 3 pm.  Another inconvenience.  Sure it is my day off but I cannot do wine lunch (huge bummer).  I was no longer on the cleanse.  During the two weeks of clarity, I had ample time to reflect on life and I became more convinced that I must absolutely pursue the time in court.  There is a glitch in the system and it needed to be addressed.
I dress casually, armed with my ticket, the permit that arrived on the 2nd (via mail), the initial letter notifying me to update my permit and a determination to not pay the said ticket.  I sat through two trials prior to mine.  In each case, the judge asked the defendant to pay the fine.  I waited until my name was called.
It's funny.  I hadn't done anything wrong and yet I had anxiety--increased heartbeat.  It reminded me of how I feel when I give notice to employers.  It's terrifying to me.
At any rate, the judge asked the traffic cop to tell her side.  She explained that she had begun ticketing on the 2nd as was instructed by the department of transportation.  I was given the chance to ask her questions.  In hindsight, I should have asked how many tickets she gave out that day.  Instead, I expressed my frustration with the process.  I explained to the judge that I had sent in for my updated permit on the 18th of December.  I noted that the permit I received on the 2nd of January, was postmarked on the 31st of December.  In no way would I receive the permit on time.
Instead of asking the traffic cop for a rebuttal, the judge dismissed the case.  He said he was discouraged by this practice of ticketing if they were unable to get the permits to the residents on time.
Yes, pure justice even if it was inconvenient for me.  It was worth that inconvenience.
It is a lovely day and I feel fantastic.  About 2014, how I did a cleanse, justice and today.  Cheers and make it a great one!

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